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  • Loktar'Ogar! Victory or Death! (Horde)

    124 49.80%
  • Sons Lothar! For the Light! (Alliance)

    125 50.20%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kloun View Post
    Goblins > You

    Therefore, Horde.
    Amen to that.

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    I will always be horde at heart but aside from paying for every single one of my guild members to transfer horde I'll be stuck alliance for well ever i guess.
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    Death to the horde! I vote push them all through the dark portal and blow it to pieces.

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    "Sons Lothar!" sounds stupid, what about "Lion's Pride!" instead? :P

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    Vote for Alliance. Dwarves and Draenei are the best races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    "Sons Lothar!" sounds stupid, what about "Lion's Pride!" instead? :P
    It's supposed to be "Sons of Lothar!" but I didn't notice that I hit the letter cap and that it cut off the 'of'.

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    I like Alliance more.

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    May the Earthmother smile upon you.

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    wow. way more even than i was expecting.

    voted alliance btw
    "For the Alliance!" - Varian Wrynn

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    I choose Murlocs. Not because they have great dental insurance and not because they have a slip-and-slide... But because this question's been asked a billion times and the forum will just devolve into shout matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larynx View Post
    Literally this decision is 100% based on racials and what the races look like for me. Who the fuck has pride over a fictional video game faction? It's the strangest thing, especially when people resort to physical violence over it (like what happened at Blizzcon to an Alliance player).
    Damn. Didn't even know about that incident. Pride over a fictitious faction ticks me off and makes me lose faith in humanity.
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    What is this, alliance in the lead on a poll on mmo-champion?!

    "We" should totally just ... uhm leave the Horde.
    I know, right ?

    But no, apparently there's no room for a third faction, hmmpfh.

    I choose Murlocs.
    I heard the language was rather tricky to learn for foreigners.

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    Alliance, we are the superman and captain America faction rolled up in one.

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    The Alliance has gotten more votes (it's 114 to 121 right now).

    Everything I know is a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javox View Post
    The Alliance has gotten more votes (it's 114 to 121 right now).

    Everything I know is a lie.
    Maybe that chopper vote debacle woke them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javox View Post
    The Alliance has gotten more votes (it's 114 to 121 right now).

    Everything I know is a lie.
    I've always been told that Alliance = the bigger faction when it comes to numbers.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    I can guarantee you with all the money in the known universe that people are better raiders today than from Vanilla.

    100%. Professional raiding as well as raid design have evolved a ton since those days, they are hardly comparable at this point imo

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    Voted Horde...long live Vol'jin! (which he should...'cos Darkspear never die mon)
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