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    I wouldn't mind 10+ months, but there are no new dungeons. I love running dungeons more than doing raids

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    Since I don't really play, no. To be fair though, I don't remember many dungeons being fun after nearly a year.
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    Not at all, we finally got 10N Garrosh down only two weeks ago - felt awesome. Might even have a go at a heroic or two now if there is time.

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    My guild stopped raiding at 8/14 Heroic due to some key players leaving and recruitment being virtually impossible on our server. So now I'm doing LFR on alts and trying to get them cloaks. While some times it gets frustrating in bad groups I'm not actually tired of SoO itself just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    I'm tired of seeing Heroic Garrosh. I just wanna replace my flex trinket ;-;
    Tell me about it. I absolutely hate the Garrosh fight, especially as a healer. Yet I have to go every single week because if my BiS Warforged chest drops and I'm not there, it will get DE'd. Q.Q

    I also don't understand the point of this poll. Obviously everyone would rather have new content at this point.
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    The trash ruined the place. When we were progressing on Dark Shaman heroic, we wasted so much time killing trash, that if we had less than an hour left of the raid, we just wouldn't bother and wait for the next raid day instead. It's not worth 3-5 attempts to kill that trash.

    They could've paced it so much better with some before IJ and some more before Nazgrim instead. Even just 3 packs less would make it much smoother. Some before Protectors would be nice as well.

    On alts, I never do part 2 LFR or Flex due to the amount of trash. The rewards aren't worth the time spent killing useless mobs. That part takes at least 1hour, and that's being optimistic. Any other LFR/Flex done with reasonable people take half that. Don't even bother for secrets or runestones unless I know I can get it done that week.
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    He's telling you upfront what's going to take. It's not ninja looting. It's pirate looting! YAARRRR!!!

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