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    My Alliance main so far is a worgen hunter, its the first Alliance character I actually got myself to level up to max.

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    Seems a lot of people dislike the Worgen male's animations as well. I don't play the female Worgen but chances are I never would. Not a fan of the casting animations.
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    Male Worgen Hunter with a crossbow has some pretty sick animations. plus sometimes you flip while you jump and disengage. Posthaste and darkflight gives you a pretty beefy sprint, 225% or so. use the tsunami boots and a ripped leggings and you look pretty beastly.

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    The model reflects well the various, chaotic changes of heart that took place in the Cataclysm Beta; namely with regard to just what Blizzard wanted to do with the Worgen, in terms of the theme/appearance.

    I suspect they will be the first of the 'new' models to be updated when the Vanilla/TBC models are done; at which point I may consider playing one.
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    My Alliance druid is a male worgen, because the alternative is a nelf and I hate elves.

    I do have a female worgen DK, but she's basically just a bank alt; I played her out of the starting zone and that's it. DK is like the one class where I can tolerate the female worgen model, since I get cool glowy eyes instead of the disney ones they normally have.

    I don't mind the worgen casting animations for either genders. I haven't paid attention to the melee ones I guess to notice if they are bad. Although generally I am less picky about animations than most. Night elves are really the only race between both factions that have bad animations in my opinion (I don't mind female caster, but hate both gender's melee and male's caster animations are awful), so I guess in general I am more apathetic than most players since I don't mind a lot of animations I see people frequently mention hating.
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    Female Worgen Hunter.
    Was considering a caster like a lock, but their casting animations don't impress me. Maybe I change my mind when they update the model.

    Never had any bad feelings for the shooting animation (I use a gun mog atm).

    It's just hilarious... hey it's a wolf person with a wolf pet riding a wolf mount!
    Oh, and in WOD I might pick the "lone wolf" talent, that's gonna be even more funny!

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