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    DPS problems in mythic.


    I've recently noticed that my dps is not preforming at the level i would like it to be, my item level is 678 and i should be pumping out much higher dps, normally i can do around 30-32k on butcher mythic and even heroic.. Which is crap if i am honest to myself.

    On heroic i am currently ranked quite high on my server which is Twisting nether but my mythic logs are all under 80% percentile.

    If possible could somebody please look over a few logs and tell me if i am doing anything drastically wrong on the butcher fight, and in general overall my mythic kills?

    I know this requires a lot of time and i appreciate any that people spend on it.


    The above link works but i had to remove the www due to not enough posts

    Is the last butcher kill we had.

    Thank you greatly !

    Twisting Nether EU,
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    Just looking at that Butcher log;

    93% Rip uptime, could be closer to 100.

    It seems that you don't spent 4x PS procs for Bloodtalons.

    You seem somewhat unlucky with Clearcasting procs.

    You got pretty shafted on Ferocious Bite crits.

    In the first 40 seconds you only manage to squeeze 3 Ferocious Bites, you should be able to manage 4.

    Your 7th Tiger's Fury wasn't aligned with your 2nd Berserk very well, perhaps you didn't get full benefit of it and actually had some downtime during that berserk.

    Mark of the Thunderlord uptime was somewhat below average.

    The most important thing I can see from first glance is that you failed to spend 4 PS procs.

    However, your first Incarnation was late for some reason, and you used it at the same time as Berserk. How exactly do you open on a fight?

    Also, how are you choosing to spend Bloodtalons?
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    Mm, Usually due to somewhat lazyness, i usually use a potion at 1 second before pull, open with rake, shred shred to love energy and just pop all incarnation + berserking + berserk and tiger's fury. This could result in a small dps loss due to procing incarnation at the same time as berserk which isn't a big issue to sort.

    The 7th tigers fury, i will start saving.

    Yeah i got pretty shafted on the crits with Ferocious bite and overall my general RNG was terrible with procs and such from what i can tell.

    Usually i'm using my bloodtalons for rake either at 4 points then continue into a bite / rip, sometimes i use them at other times for shreds and such if rake is around 10 seconds.

    I've started opening rake, shred shred, pop cd's, which is usually at 5 combo points, bite, shred shred shred, bite, rake shred, shred rip, shred shred shred bite. I used to not open with the rake + rip but for some reason changed this a while back. maybe it would be more beneficial to ignore that and use bite instead until my opener is finished then continue to normal rotation.

    I will look out more for PS, thank you
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    The way you should open;

    Precast HT
    Shred to 5 CP
    Shred to 5 CP
    Rake in last second of TF
    Shred to 5 CP

    Resume normal rotation.

    Popping incarnation as early as possible basically means that more of your Incarnation is spent with trinket procs/prepot. Resulting in a higher benefit from it.

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    Okay, Thank you Fury, i will start opening a little differently as you stated, that should help my opener at least

    From what i could see also with my dps is that i drop SO much more than some feral druids in between our 3 minute cooldowns, i also seem to do a less auto attack hits than most druids even if they have less haste than me but i can constantly sat on the boss

    Thanks for the help. Appreciate it. Could you see anything else wrong with the butcher kill? :S really 29k dps with ilvl 677 is disgustingly bad.

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    Can't really see anything else wrong.

    Check next week how well you do with that opener and being more aware of PS, then link that log.

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    Will do, thanks again Fury.

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