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    Weak Aura

    Trying to get a weak aura to trigger from a buff but actually display something unrelated like a spell cooldown.

    The display tab seems to only manipulate the source of the trigger. Is it possible to have seperate trigger and display?

    If Killing Machine buff exists then display the cooldown on Obliterate
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    Add multiple triggers with your first one being what you want displayed.

    For your example, you want your setup to look like

    Required for Activation: All Triggers

    Trigger 1:
    Type: Status
    Status: Cooldown Progress (Spell)
    Spell: Obliterate
    Show: On cooldown

    Trigger 2:
    Type: Aura
    Aura Name: Killing Machine
    Unit: Player
    Aura Type: Buff
    [x] Own Only

    And for Display, you can either check the Cooldown box, set your text as %p, or both. If you have OmniCC, then having both is redundant.

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    Thank you for the response.

    Worked like a charm, I knew there had to be something silly I was doing wrong!

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