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    WA for a casted CC duration timer

    Hi, checking to see if it's possible to create a WA on a CC that I've cast. Specifically if I cast Entangling Roots, I'd like to see a 30 second timer to remind me to refresh the root. Would be even better if it alerts me if the root breaks early (e.g. because the mob took damage). Should work regardless of whether I ever actually target the mob (e.g. if I rooted it with a castover or other direct targeting function). Any tips would be appreciated, thank you.

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    this should work, but only for entangling roots.


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    I see, thank you! Is there a function to make it animate differently (like grow or wobble etc) when the time is short?

    Also do you know if there's LUA code that would allow me to add the target name in the text via %c?
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    If you want name of rooted target just put %n in text area, no need for custom function.

    I'm not sure if you can make it animate when it is about to expire since this is not regular debuff tracking weak aura.

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    I wonder if there's a way to do it with 2 auras, one "normal" that's visible when time >5s and one larger/animated that's visible when time <5s.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks to a bunch of custom code by Manager--thank you!

    There's a bell when it has 5 seconds left and a short circuit sound when it expires.

    This requires the CC going onto your focus target, which I implemented with a macro to /focus before /cast

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