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    Awesome idea in regards to WoD and blizzcon

    I was just thinking.
    And what if the reason they are so concerned with making sure WoD releases when it's supposed to, and also that they can't do certain parts of development they normally could, like making Karabor faction hub etc, and there's no new races or classes, is because they are pushing themselves to make WoD their first 1 year Xpac?
    Think about it, half the story is gone in questing, dungeons and tier 1.

    It would make sense then to have so much important stuff take place in questing like it is. I will not post spoilers outside of saying they made questing awesome, and something you will want to do. And maybe they realised that's how they make 1 year xpacs. Engross you in the questing, and make every second count.

    Usually, a huge portion of questing, and even a lot of dungeons are just unnecessary fluff for the game, so what if they just dragon ball Kai it and just let us watch Goku fight frieza all the time?

    And then, this blizzcon, they announce first, the big bad of the Xpac, and then the next Xpac, set for release next year? That way, we wouldn't need to know everything about the Xpac, because we won't be doing the same raid for a year before the Xpac. Just have 2.5 tiers per Xpac, having initial release with dungeons and raids, then 1 or 2 major patches with a few more dungeons and 2 more raids. 4-5 raids per year is more than enough for us content wise, especially if there's dungeons involved.

    We know this has been something they've wanted for a while, and it really seems like they know exactly what is following WoD, which I don't think has been the case for a lot of the other xpacs, cough cough, cata, cough. I get the feeling most of other Xpacs, if not all, we're just what's something awesome we could do?
    Now I think they may have created a flowing story so they know where they are going.

    Tl;dr, could WoD be our first 1 year Xpac, and could this years blizzcon announce next years Xpac? I honestly think this is possible.

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    Hmm, that would be cool ^^
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    You say humble, I say beaten. These guys used to make games and then show us. If we liked it or not, they were still in control. Now we've got them beaten at every corner - Twitter, MMO-C, the wow forums, the infinite mmo news sites, etc. Blizzard has nowhere left to turn, they have been properly subdued by the ravenous consumers that we've become.
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    Oh the titans, the Forums are leaking again.

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    i dont really like the idea of 1 year expansion anyway. Each expansion should be compromised of at least 3 raid tiers which each stay for 6 months and then the next expansion drops. I dont even know how they would make a 1 year expansion cycle with 3 raid tiers works, in the end that would possibly just cost us a raid tier each expansion, which in the end means less content for the same money.

    So if they at least keep the 18 months time-frame i would be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runey View Post
    So if they at least keep the 18 months time-frame i would be happy.
    There's a very real chance that if they follow the gradual incrementing pattern for expansion release after final patch timing they've done so far, the next expansion will launch at least 18 months after the last raid tier of Warlords. Unfortunately, we'll never see an 18 month expansion cycle.

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    They drastically reduce the content in an expansion, take way too long to get it out, raise the price, then tell us we'll be seeing them yearly from here on out (at this new high price). Sounds about right. It's like people are asking Blizzard to find the easiest and laziest way to take more of their money. Yearly expansions are too fast in a general sense anyways. I'd be fine with every other year with full content and no shenanigans.

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    I don't see much pushing, more cutting... which is one way to meet a deadline I suppose.

    Also are you anticipating a WoD release per Blizzcon?

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    i would rather have karabor as my faction hub then yearly expansions
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    Not worth it. I'd rather have 2-year expansions with good, solid content than 1-year expansions rushed out the door and held together with duct-tape.

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    I'm putting my money on September personally. If it wasn't coming till December, I think Karabor and other cut content wouldn't be cut.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think I agree with Runey, 18 months would be optimal.
    From their perspective though, yearly would be best, as there would be no lull, and constant money spent, they wouldn't need to make as many shop items to keep it floating.

    Also, think about how hard they are pushing no flying?
    No flying means they can short-cut around a lot of content, making development quicker.

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    I honestly don't think Karabor and Bladespire were cut because of time constraints, wandering around there on the Beta makes it's pretty obvious that, though they look cool, they would have made for terribly unpractical faction hubs. Once the novelty of it wore off we would have been screaming "HOLY SHIT WHY" every time we had to trek up the 5 minute spiral ramp in Bladespire or the Dalaran sized Karabor Temple.

    It was just too big to hold just one faction. I can almost 99% guarantee that the player opinion on Karabor/Bladespire as hubs would go from 'this is cool' to 'okay we want something practical' in less than a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    i would rather have karabor as my faction hub then yearly expansions
    Especially if its $50 every new xpac, amirite?

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