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    World PVP and BGs, lowest skill cap?

    I don't PVP often, it's mostly a side hobby to PVE for the past two expansions. And even then I really only enjoyed world pvp and doing BGs.

    Now for someone who lacks the skill and coordination (Not laziness, I mean I literally cannot focus on too many different things at once) to track cds, buffs, procs, etc in order to get any decent results, what would be the best go-to class/spec I should roll with? Something that isn't completely helpless 1v1 etc.

    Possibles I've seen are Destro Lock, Warrior, SPriest, and Shaman. My warrior is still 72, and I've never played a shaman...

    Yes, I do realize what I'm asking, flame shields are up.

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    Arms Warrior would be fine for you. The class requires no tracking of anything and that includes resources, survivability and cool downs. 95% of Warrior is basically just reacting to things really fast, there's no planning or actual skill involved. The faster you are with your binds, the better Warrior you'll probably be.

    Defensively, Warriors are just passively strong, they don't require stupid run and heal gimmicks to survive and they have a simple defensive tool kit to take advantage of.

    Offensively, Warriors deal retarded amounts of sustained damage every single gcd. I mean you could literally mash whatever damage dealing button you want and it wouldn't matter. My guide for new people to the spec is to "just mash whatever lights up" because that's literally all it is. Keep MS off cool down, keep Colossus Smash off cool down. Slam and Overpower don't matter, just randomly mash them in a random order. The main idea is just to keep MS and Colossus Smash off cool down and bam, you'll be dealing a retarded amount of damage.

    Warriors have easymode uptime and utility. There's no resource constraints or dumb positioning requirement on any of them. They're all instant and some are even off the gcd so you can mash damage while you're CCing or deflecting a spell against someone.

    The class itself at the meta level of the game is bad at 1v1, but most people aren't good at this game which is good for you. Warriors are a good "scrub killer" class, they are really good at killing scrubs of any class in a 1v1. Most other classes have a higher learning curve, so bads of those classes suffer against someone playing a class like a Warrior that has no skill curve. So in most situations you should be fine.

    The only problem with Warriors or its mindless brother DK, is that if you do want to "be good" at the game, you're going to have to play another class. No matter how good you think you are with a Warrior, you're going to hit a toolkit "wall" where no matter what you do, you can't get better, you can't improve because the class limits your maximum potential at the game. The best Warrior will never beat or be on the same level as the best Rogue because the Rogue toolkit is just better at the meta level of the game.

    This is why skilled players usually don't play Warriors or DK's and play something as deep and skilled like a Mage or Feral Druid. For a serious competitive player, there's no value to play something that limits your potential skill. The only time good players play Warriors is when they're overtuned like right now and just want to "cheese" their way to Gladiator/Rank 1.
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    wow Ryan dislike warriors :P

    Anyway if you are playing all casual like from what it sounds just play the class you enjoy the most. All classes are fairly simple with the basics and have only a few things you need to track. You will hear lots of opinions on what the easiest class to play is but its usually based off you and what you are the most familiar with.

    Also I imagine this will get locked as choose my class threads usually do.

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    If you want to play an unfair class go with any ranged dps. Melee doesnt stand up to a person who knows how to play keep away. Any class can be the best when someone knows how to play it but it is harder for melee to go up against ranged if they cant get close. Players who think they are good but really are not, hate DK's because they are easy to learn quickly but as a DK player I have lost many fights (I know Im not the best in pvp) so they are not impenetrable in fact at low levels they no longer do very good against other players, also DK's are the dark form of Paladins not Warriors.
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    First of all, I think you want 'low skill-floor', basically ease of entry. In terms of ease of maintenance probably Frost DK > Arms Warrior.
    However you did mention random bg & wpvp. For randoms ranged dps will almost always be superior, but there's usually stuff you need to watch. Ele shaman actually aren't too bad in randoms. They're tankier than some of the other casters and they have huge random burst through lava burst procs and the rotation is quite simple too.
    I prefer stealth classes or warlocks for wpvp - with stealth you can hit and run, and with locks you get to fear them into aggroing mobs, though even there shaman have thunderstorm, I suppose.
    If you don't mind a little more effort, Hunters are probably the best choice for both.

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    Probably say Rogue since you can run away quite easily if shit hits the fan, and if a target doesn't have a trinket then it's pretty much gg trouble since you can stun them twice and then stealth and reopen again to do huge damage. Also really fun to play.

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