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    Ferals - how often do you get picked up in/for PuGs?

    I'm currently gearing up my Druid at the moment and he's been a mix of Feral/Guardian for whatever group I can find. Nearing the end of my legendary cloak as I'm about to pick it up, I can't decide if I want to go Guardian or Feral. I initially had the purpose of leveling and gearing this toon to use as an alt so that I could have another extra chance per week to get a heirloom so I was going to go Guardian. But after learning and enjoying the rotation of Feral I sort of want to go Feral now although not sure how well people perceive them. If I wanted to just farm heirlooms, should I stick to Guardian? I'm about 560 at the moment and will be around 565 with cloak.

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    People care more about your gear and achievements for PUGs than they do your class. Go with whichever feels more enjoyable in the long run for you.

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    Feral has lost a lot of the stigma that was associated with it during TBC and Wrath era, likely due to the separation of Tank and DPS into their respective specs (Guardian and Feral). They are now a perfectly viable DPS spec with good survivability cooldowns and, unless the group is looking for specific cooldowns from someone else, you're just as likely to be taken as any other melee.

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    I main a Feral druid 560 ilvl (nothing impressive).

    And Assgard is correct, We're very viable and even chosen over some of the other Melee as we're very mobile, very tanky with instant heals and the like. And our DMG is really strong Single Target, And not to shaby in AOE.

    I've played my druid on an off sense Vanilla, I only began to (main) him in Cata. And haven't regretted it sense.

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