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    [You're doing it wrong] achievement for shaman

    Hello everybody

    I've been trying to do the shaman version of, [You're doing it wrong] achievement for shaman and I have a resto and ele spec.

    So far I've tried:
    healing proving grounds as ele
    tanking proving grounds as ele

    can't get past bronze either way =P

    My biggest problem is the lil rabbit guys, I might try getting past the tank as healing next. But if anyone has some killer advice I'd love to have it.

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    I got it as a resto in tanking proving grounds, wasn't too difficult after knowing each wave
    But it was something like year ago, I don't play my shaman as a main anymore, so I'm afraid I won't be able to tell you more details

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    I did the tank one as resto like 8 months ago, here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4AL92FUhJw
    This was the only time I felt conductivity was useful this expansion, since having a lot of throughput and having a lot of mana is your top priority.
    Also make sure you use the totemic recall glyph, it's really useful.
    I used a high crit build with 2x regen trinkets (darkmoon healer one and the blackfuse one).
    It's all about using your cc abilities properly and timing your heals correctly.
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    I've done Silver Tank as a Resto.

    Basically, Capacitor Totem is your best friend, and along with Call of Elements I used it on heavy AoE packs (mostly those virmen) and when mantids aggro'ed me. Hex whenever the NPC doesn't do damage to the target. With Primal Elementalist use Fire Elemental for the first mantid wave, use earth elemental for the last wave. Summoning Earth Elemental basically wins the wave. Other than that is just proper cooldown usage, interrupts and grounding totems.

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    Did silver tank as elem, just nuke, sadly i dont remember my talent choice, but i guess it was EB and echo

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