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    I can't believe dude had warrior last on his list for tanking class.....warrior has always been the most fun to tank with.

    I learned to tank in BC and leveled protection. when the 3.0 patch hit and warriors suddenly had great aoe threat generation man that was gravy fun. Wrath was loads of fun running thru everything and aoe trah tanking and finishing the instances in races. but yes it got boring hence the alt days. I remember vanila days when it actually took time and effort to level and you stuck with one class; and you actually needed groups to help level faster hence the social game that is no more.

    anywayz in wrath i made a pali tank which was a pretty cool to aoe tank level with questing. same goes with DK.s
    the druid wasn't as easy but thats an opinion, some liked druids a lot. i tried monks; they were pretty cool for aoe tanking.

    I still like warrior for their mobility. Palidins were the most boring to me but man did they have a bunch of buttons.....DK were pretty fun but you needed a good healer when your mitigation CD's were gone. I guess for me the least played tank i ran was the druid; to easy of a rotation and just not much to it....I didn't play monks up to 90....but it was shaping up to be a nice class.

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    I like it.

    I don't trust other people to do it properly.

    I like being the least played role and being either the only one of my kind in a raid or only one of two.

    Chicks dig tanks that tank for them.
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    Warriors were my favorite tank until Brewmaster. Blizzard really nailed the feel and design of the class for once with BrM. You have meaningful talent choices to swap out for nearly every boss encounter, your mobility options like roll and sprint can be substituted for a "soft cooldown", it's well skill-indexed in that someone exceptional at the class will seem like a god... while someone bad crumples immediately, etc.

    This is why there was so much disdain in LFR for BrM with them "taking too much healing" -- as you most often got very poor tanks, and a bad BrM is almost like putting in a Rogue to tank without evasion. Whereas, especially in physical damage fights, BrMs can shrug off incredible amounts of abuse when played well. (Favorite was some ungodly high stacks on Ji-kun HM that said: 500k hit (6.5M absorbed) or something then drinking off the resulting dot instantly) BrM actually takes amongst the least amount of overall damage when played well out of any of the tanks.

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    Lack of tanks - quick queues.
    and the fact that it's brainnumbingly easy, and requires less skill than dps or healers do.
    Also less button mash (esp on Dr00ds).
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    I switched to my druid to tank in BC for raiding (I had done heroics and Kara runs for a while with him) because I found it more challenging than dpsing (as a mage) and more enjoyable, plus our guild needed another tank. It's still challenging now, but in a different way - threat isn't an issue anymore, particularly keeping aggro on aoe packs, but you have more control over your survival.

    I main a dps now, but that has also changed - rotations are more complex than in BC (are you the Scorch bitch? no? then spam that Fireball), aggro management isn't an issue anymore ("buff Salv plx") and mechanics don't usually involve much cc.

    So yeah, still like tanking, though not as much as dpsing. I like paladin tanking the most, and death knight tanking least.

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    I tank because I like it. Most fun role, in my mind.

    BUT, I hate tanking raids. So many of the fights are designed so that you only tank half of the time, and play some shitty dps the rest of it.

    And then tanking LFR with some other random guy who you never know if will be willing to cooperate or communicate or not... that's the worst thing in the game.
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    I tank because I enjoy it, my Guardian druid is my main, and I have a prot Warrior/Prot Paladin

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    I quite enjoy tanking, but also I prefer the shorter queues and being able to control the pace.
    Quote Originally Posted by mysticx View Post
    LFR can be too easy for individual players, but individual players get lumped with 24 other random people, and it's pretty much certain that in 25 random people you'll have at least one guy who makes you wonder how he managed to switch his computer on.

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    only role in WoW i enjoy. i can't stand the 'staring at health bars' that healers have (even though i healed in vanilla) and DPS is just so..meh.....hit your rotation and don't stand in fire.

    tanking at least has some sort of control (at least feels like it ) and it feels like you're actually fighting the boss as he's trying to smash your face in, and not just starting at his arse or standing miles away.
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    I wanted to try it and ended up leveling warrior as a tank. It was and is great fun. Then i leveled a druid tank and finally a paladin tank.

    At best i raided with two tanks and 5 dps's lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    This attitude results in too many "Hero" / "I got this" tanks who end up dying and wasting time.. If you're with a healer who knows what he's doing and is ok with it then fine, but I've seen too many tanks think they are Mr KingBIS tank who run off and pull half of china when they have an undergeared, underexperienced healer who is oom after two pulls.

    When I pull lots of mobs as a tank it's more from a selfish perspective of wanting to pad my own damage meters rather than thinking about others (but hey I'm a dps player at heart, not a tank), and I don't suffer deaths from the MR BEST TANK syndrome, but then I almost never tank for pug healers... MR BEST TANK is really common though and never takes into consideration the abilities/gear of the rest of the group, expects the healer to react to sudden massive burst damage in an otherwise low damage environment.
    If you read between the lines, the suggestion is simply that he wants people in dungeons to perform at a level appropriate to their gear and ability.. As a main spec healer, I'd take this tank over all those that leave me with 100% mana and nothing to do for 15 minutes. When I switch to my tank spec, it's usually out of frustration at mediocre tanks playing at 25% of what their gear / ability should allow.

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    I liked being able to pull a crapload of mobs and not come close to dying (solo) but I hate being responsible for people (groups).

    I like DPSing as Tank spec in dungeons and LFR though. Not my problem if the real queued tank has agro issues.
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    To control who dies and who doesn't..
    it also makes me feel powerful

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    When I did it I only did it because no one on the server could do it better then me.
    That and I like shouting at people.

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    My first tank was the first alt I created and I raided with him pretty much identical to my main's raid experience from Wrath up till MoP (only a month or two later, usually). When the guild needed another tank in early ToT I swapped main and I quite enjoy tanking so likely it will stay my main for the future as well. My former main (boomkin) is getting slightly less attention but ah well. Why dps if you can tank?

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    I enjoy the concept of tanking, have all tanking classes at max level and always gear them towards tanking, but with classes that also have healing, I always end up having to switch the tank spec for DPS in order to utilize the toons in other areas since they ALL also have healing. Not to mention how bloody weak some classes are in tank spec when it comes to questing and killing mobs.

    WTB 3-spec for classes already.

    As for raiding, I prefer DPS in that environment. I like shooting the crap out of the boss whilst paying attention to the tactics and feeling like I'm carrying my weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoth00 View Post
    The common practice in dungeons is: Take your time.

    This frustrates me: whether it's a group of heirloomed players lvling, or lfr geared people, it's incomprehensible how tanks can move so slowly. It only indicates that you're at best an average tank. A good tank:

    - Pull as much as possible: maximize aoe opportunities and cut time spent completing the dungeon;
    - Trash group at 20% hp: time to start moving, dps will finish;
    - No downtime: healer can drink while a tank pops cds, dps should CC whatever they have to CC (like silencing mobs and helping the tank pull more);
    - Last but not least: A tank that merely holds aggro is a decent tank....a good tank is someone who maximizes the team's overall damage (by pulling the biggest amount of adds the healer can handle), and moving fast and consistent (LoS pulls is something that 80% of the tanks don't do in dungeons.)

    I guess I tank because most of dungeon tanks don't perform under the above guidelines, and that bores me to hell. If all tanks did that, I'd never tank in my life.
    This is why I end up tanking on my healer more often than not in LFD. I can solo this dungeon, why would anyone pull so slowly? Tanks who just sit there and look at the trash packs or bosses are the worst. It is literally almost impossible for a tank to die in LFD nowadays, especially when there's DPS and healers who are SoO geared.

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    I guess everyone is new at the game?

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    I originally tanked simply because we were short a tank and there weren't really that many of a decently progressed level on my server in TBC. I got bored very quickly though so got a guildie who was interested geared and "trained" up to do it. Tanking is the most boring role there is, imo. He's still tanking though
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