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    Quote Originally Posted by Geminiwolf View Post
    Hm, hats off to Blizzard for not selling this for $25, I'm surprised.

    So there, now we have both Horde and Alliance bikes in WoW now. Can the Alliance fanboys stop crying about this now?
    Pretty sure this has nothing to do with your beloved blizzard, it has everything to do with the headache of setting up royalties and paying them out.

    I swear people take every chance to bitch at fanboys when in reality it's concerned playerbase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftech View Post
    It caused an issue because it NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Blizzard has spent years making this divide in the player base and they know the rancor the players have for each other. Just look at the abuse that the Horde give Alliance at Blizzcon. People who wear Alliance gear are verbaly abused and threatened. They CONSTANTLY make fun of Alliance players on the forums both official and here. Any time an Alliance player has a valid complaint they are treated like shit by Horde players and called crybabies. And there was NOTHING fair about it. People were allowed to vote multiple times (which was never communicated) and there were Horde players using voting scripts, so we don't know the votes are accurate.

    The only fair thing to do would have been to make an Alliance version of the trike so that everyone gets the winning bike, not exclude a significant portion of your player base an force them to pay for theirs.
    So Alliance players never abuse Horde players and only horde players are capable of using voting scripts?

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    The alliance chopper is the real winner, it will be a rare and limited mount for the alliance only compared to the mount everyone will use for a few days playing horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsieuRoberts View Post
    You can't just dismiss the contest and then propose a new solution as if the current one is suddenly invalid. Do you honestly think that not a single Alliance voter didn't use scripts to multi-vote as well? Do you honestly think that Blizzard was unaware of who was going to win, unaware of the lengths that specific individuals would go to fuck about with the contest, just like every single in-game system they've ever implemented? You're underestimating Blizzard if you honestly think they're blind to such things. It's the internet, manipulation to a certain degree should always be expected, whether it's from a guild or two running scripts to vote, whether it's from a YouTuber getting his legion of fans to vote for one, whether it's something as natural as the larger, more vocal playerbase voting more than the smaller one.

    Fact of the matter is that the Horde won and attained first prize, their mount being added for free. As the losing faction, Alliance SHOULD get nothing, but instead (and most likely planned when considering the whining of the playerbase[I don't mean just Alliance players]) Alliance gets the consolation of being allowed to buy their mount. Both sides still get the mount, so the contest is already more generous than most by rewarding both the winners and losers. If you take issue with having to pay for something you didn't earn, don't forget that you honestly don't deserve it at all BECAUSE YOU LOST, and should be thankful for the opportunity to attain it.

    You're whining about nothing, like a beggar who criticizes the food he is given, like a busboy who groans at a $5 tip. You could have nothing!
    I play Alliance and only voted 1 time.....there are some of us that are adults and don't cheat unlike the horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseD View Post
    I play Alliance and only voted 1 time.....there are some of us that are adults and don't cheat unlike the horde.
    You claim you're an adult, but you say stuff like that, lol.

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    I'm betting 20k. 30 if they feel like using a weird number.

    Too bad Paul Sr. didn't work on the bikes. I'd say put him in the game as a Tuskarr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseD View Post
    I play Alliance and only voted 1 time.....there are some of us that are adults and don't cheat unlike the horde.
    Pretty sure nobody cheated, because that's child's play and easy to detect?

    Maybe stop being butthurt and realize that even Alliance players voted for the Horde bike (and said so on forums here) because it looked better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dechno View Post
    The most expensive (one-seater) mount you can buy with gold is the Amber Scorpion and it costs 10k. It would make sense if the chopper costs around that or max twice the amount (20k).
    Then their definition of a "hefty sum" differs widely from mine 150 000 is where mine starts...

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    the in game model cover pretty much what I did not like about the live version (it looked "too" shiny) if I'l get an alliance character I may pick it up

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