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    how much dps and how high crit should i do ?

    hi i am a frost dk named :kílls
    can you please go onto teh battle nets and search my charecter up ? im on ravencrest
    tell me how much ishould crit cause i went from critting 400/500k ish to 200-300k got better gear and reforged.... help ?
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    O_O why do i only crit like 200-300k normel 400-450k with one shot ??????

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    You might want to post this in the Death Knight class forum, as opposed to the Raids and Dungeons forum.

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    hi! how high should i crit ?

    hi i am a frost dk with a 552 ilvl please search Kílls b4 we start.. im on ravencrest'
    im critting around 200-300k without oneshot macro with it im critting 400-450k?
    should i crit more ?

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    Are you looking for something like this? http://www.wowwiki.com/Critical_strike
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    no more like whats should i crit with the gear i have ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by casper5565 View Post
    no more like whats should i crit with the gear i have ?
    Most of us aren't number crunchers or guesstimaters. Post your armory for your character.

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    I'm guessing the gear you have should crit around 200-300k. It's not like you can be wearing it wrong.

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    Do around 4,5m high crits

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    i cant link my charecter ... search kílls on wow im on ravencrest

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    Ahahahahah 9/10

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    Oh I love charades. Is it average Mmo-champion user?

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    I'm going to lock this by account of it only being 8 posts long and I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

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