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    In a sense, I'll miss it, too. I enjoy the message, and I remember the mysticism it had in the beginning, but it was completely ruined once Taran Zhu basically corkscrewed it into your brain that "WAR IS BAD. YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT SO MUCH." Even though, ironically, it's the main focus of the Horde, yet not the Alliance. But that's another discussion.
    Right now, I'm just going to do my best to forget Pandaland. It was filler content that dragged on for far too long. That's really the general theme of Pandaria, it just dragged on FOREVER. The Leveling took forever, dailies took forever, raids took forever, TI is so easily cleared it's not even relevant, and we're looking at the longer non-content period of WoW's history. They should hire WoWcrendor if they're going to have months of non-content.
    Again. Pandaria was easily the worst expansion in my eyes, at least Cataclysm had a clear villain and a consistent storyline. At least compared to Pandaland. Let's just try to enjoy Warlords and forget about the damage done by Pandaria.
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    Wow I'm the opposite as the OP. I despise Pandaria so much. This has been the first expansion that I've taken more than 3 month break from. I quit two weeks after Siege came out and just now came back this month. And already Pandaria is grating on me. I hate it. The entire continent doesn't feel like WoW to me. It's worse than not feeling like Azeroth, it feels like it doesn't belong in this game. I was actually fine with Pandaren as a race too. I always said they should have given Pandaren to alliance in TBC like they talked about doing instead of Draenei. Only because then Pandaria wouldn't be an entire continent. Pandaren are fine, but an entire continent dedicated to them is just way too much. I guess there are Mogu, Saurok, and Mantid too, but still it feels like its mostly pandas. The zones all look too same samey to me too for the most part. I mean compare the previous expansions. Every zone looked vastly different compared to the one before it. Going from Hellfire to Zangarmarsh to Blade's Edge for example is crazy. Going from Jade Forest to Krasarang to Valley of Four Winds is... not so different. The only two zones that stick out to me are Kun Lai and Dread Wastes.

    I guess maybe the fact that I'm a huge lore guy and I found most of Pandaria's lore to be boring. Not that there wasn't plenty of it, on the contrary they did a great job with the storytelling. I just didn't care for it. I couldn't care less about Mogu or Mantid. The only event I was into was Siege.

    However I am VERY pumped for WoD. I just reread the first 5 WoW novels to get refreshed and it's got me super excited going into this expansion knowing all these famous orcs and draenei very well. I also think that this expansion is a pre-lude to the legion's return which gets me even more excited. But on the zone side of things I also really love what I've seen of Draenor on the beta.

    But yeah long story short, I can't friggin wait to get out of Pandaria. And that reminds me how thankful I am that the instant character boost takes us straight to 90 instead of only 85. I don't plan to buy any of them, but I'll be making use of the free one I got. And to be able to skip doing 85-90 one more time is a huge plus for me rofl

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    Having missed all of the major patches of this expansion, I still rather enjoyed it. I am also quite impressed with the amount of stuff to do now at level cap. Timeless Isle, Brawlers Guild, LFR, FLEX, Challenge modes, Legendary quest, Black Harvest quest for Warlocks, etc. We had none of this when I left the game in Cata.

    I question the decision to introduce another Asian race in Pandarens (Chinese) as we already had the Night Elves (Korean).

    TBC - 9/10
    WoTLK - 8.5/10
    Cata - 5/10
    MoP - 8/10
    WoD - ??? (Hope it goes back to a 9)

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    It's hard to understand why people failed to connect with MoP, or why they think it had worse storytelling than previous expansions when, in fact, it had the best storytelling yet.

    Blizzard has always been better at introducing new lore than maintaining continuity and expanding on already established assets. I got the same feeling of adventure and awe exploring Pandaria that I got in Warcraft III discovering Kalimdor in the Orc and Night Elf campaigns, or the isles of Suramar, Hellfire Citadel and Azjol Nerub in The Frozen Throne, or Silithus and Ahn Qiraj in Vanilla, or Zangarmarsh and Nagrand in TBC... the same feeling I had discovering the Draenei, and entirely retconned race that turned out to be quite cool...

    Northrend, on the other hand, was a disappointment. Arthas, the most heavily featured hero in the Warcraft RTS, had a different personality and a different voice actor. Icecrown was not the tiniest bit like in the original game, and Anub'arak, an amazing character from The Frozen Throne, was shamefully wasted. The Forsaken story was chaotic and incomplete, and it only saw a conclusion in a lame short story outside of the game. What was the best part about Wotlk? The entirely new, freshly made up Ulduar with its Titan constructs and Old god prisoner, inspired not from Warcraft, but Scandinavian mythology and Lovecraftian lore...

    Why did we like Warcraft III when the franchise had previously been only Orcs versus Humans? Why did we like Silithus, why did we like a retconned zone like Nagrand, why did we like the Draenei and why did we like Ulduar? None of these made a lot of sense in the context of previously established lore, yet most players will agree they were awesome additions. Pandaria, the Mogu, the Mantid, and everything else we've seen this expansion were just the same... And they were genuinely cool, with much meatier lore than we had in any other expansion... I can't explain why it was so unpopular, maybe there were too many new things at once... maybe players really are shallow and they couldn't get over MoP's unfortunately silly announcement trailer. Or maybe they got hung up on the 1-12 Pandaren leveling experience, which was the one weak spot in the expansion's lore.

    In any case, I feel sorry for every rigid, immature hater who missed out on an amazing ride.
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