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    I've actually already encountered that with one of my previous guilds. We raided 2 days per week, 3 hours per day. We were not the very best, but still got spine and madness before the nerfs. And we actually were recruiting on wowprogress, obviously we stated 'casual' (even though we were top100 eu IIRC). Then a holy paladin applies without glyphs and with mining as one of his professions. When refused, he actually said 'but you said you were casual why do you have so high standards'.

    Yeah. That's because of MLG PR0 kids who believe casual = bad/not committing that shit like that even happens.

    I've been raiding 2-3 days 6-10 hours per week at most for the past few years, constantly having nice progress (not the very best in the world, but killing shit when it's actually challenging yet), and I've been surrounded by incredibly good people who knew their classes, played close to perfect, never whined or caused drama, yet had a friendly and casual attitude and logged in literally to raid and sometimes do some auctioning to have enough flasks/food and other raid-relevant stuff.

    That's the perfect casual raiding that's more successful and pleasant than 99% of hardcore 6/7 5 hours a night hardcore players.
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    The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many, many people in wow are very passionate in their obsession with acting like a complete retard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImpTaimer View Post
    No it isn't.
    In the context of raiding the variable of time hugely influences the status of casual vs hardcore. Typically casual/hardcore refers to the status of raiding, that is its widely accepted definition. Even so, if you must use the terminology for other endeavors such as farming or collecting pets, a person who performs those activities for a few hours a week < 5 hrs would be casual.

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    To me, casual/hardcore has nothing to do with time played but rather with content. If you're part of a group of people that plays a video game at specifically scheduled times each week, you're hardcore. If you play 100 hours a week doing randoms and unranked BGs, you're casual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    Ofc 99% of the community agrees with you, they always do, right, even though you just pulled that number out of your ass (also proven wrong instantly if you actually read this thread).

    What you perceive as hardcore/casual, does not change the fact that hardcore and casual gaming have been terms to describe time spent, and mindset/seriousness during those ours spent, for a very long time. This is not some new definition that popped up five years ago. It has nothing to do with skill, never has, never will.

    And your reading comprehension skills are absolutely shit aswell. A method player is still a hardcore player in his attitude, but he does his hardcore playing during progress. If the only thing said player does in-game during their farm period, is to log on once a week to play for 5 hours, that's the very definition of casual gaming, even if the player partaking in said casual gaming, is still a hardcore player in terms of attitude and mindset.

    Ok, so by your definition, anybody who takes raiding even remotely seriously (if you randomly leave/don't show up to raids, you don't take the game very seriosuly, and you sure as hell don't respect your guildies), is a hardcore player?

    This post is just wrong on so many levels. The OP specificly state that he's talking about time spent, not the attitude/mindset. Skill has nothing to do with it. You can be a really hardcore player, but still a fucking scrub. Just like you can be casual, but still be a good player (if I quit raiding, and only logged on now and then, I would be a casual player, but I would still be a better PvE player than 99% of the raiding population).
    "LF Hardcore guild, oh you're not hardcore you raid heroic difficulty, I'm looking for a hardcore guild.
    You know, a guild doing LFR, the biggest hardcore players ever!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    Hardcore / Casual is a playstyle for me. I am considering myself casual, I play an average of 5-6 hours a day.
    averaging 40 hours a week isn't casual.

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    I talked with some friends about this topic a while back.

    With the introduction of LFR, most "casuals" probably raid as much if not more than those in raiding guilds. Obviously at the top level there are those raiding on multiple characters, but there are also those who casually play more than one character. It is very rare once an instance is on farm that it takes longer to clear than it would on LFR. Trash takes longer, bosses takes longer and there is so much more downtime.

    Initially clearing a raid does take some time, but that usually only lasts few weeks. But after that consistently doing LFR is almost certainly longer.

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    I don't think either should only be determined by the amount of time played.

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    In PVP You are hardcore when you are playing for competition instead of fun. I am talking about you trying to get to higher ratting not just capping conquest points, it doesn't matter if you have 3000 ratting or you have 1000, what matters is the sated of mind, why are you doing this? are you trying to be one of the best or you just doing this for fun?

    In PVE is trying to be one of the best retri Paladins or one of the best raiding guilds there.

    You can be an hardcore collector.

    You can be an Hardcore player in this game in so many ways, all that matters is your state of mind.

    Think like this, would you rather go out with your friends or kill this Boss for the first time and be the first guild on the server? If you wish to raid you are an hardcore raider.

    Would you like to try and get more MMR on RBG or go out?

    You went out with some friends, do you usually cheek your mobile action house app for good stuff that is for sale?

    Also read my signature. (Note that when I say Measure of Time, is how you manage your time in game)
    Bad - This is a bad player, he refuses to learn how to play correctly.
    Casual - This is a player that will let everything else take priority over wow.
    Hardcore - This is a player that is fine with putting things on hold while he's on wow.
    Bad/Good - Measure of Skill.
    Casual/Hardcore - Measure of Time

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