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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosstafa View Post
    Looking back at scenarios after their addition in MoP, did they fulfill a niche that was needed?

    Presumably the main reason they were made was so that 3 friends could run an instance together regardless of roles, and not need to find 2 extra strangers to join their group.

    My argument is this: scenarios feel too much like instanced questing. Dungeons are good because they introduce you into working as part of a team, fulfilling your role, understanding basic boss mechanics to practice for raiding. Due to the lack of role structure in scenarios, they do not prepare you for raiding as well and therefore are little more than instances questing. Not only that, but scenario bosses cannot be as interesting/complex due to the possible lack of a tank or healer. Scenarios are great as solo quests (like Isle of Thunder, which was brilliant), but not as group content.

    As resources will be spent making new scenarios instead of dungeons, we will likely get less dungeons than in previous expansions. Do people think scenarios were a good addition and a balance between them and dungeons is good? Or should they be scrapped and the focus be on more dungeons?

    Not ripping into scenarios here, just a personal opinion on them and I'm interested to see what other's think.
    Scenarios are a different beast. (and AFAIK, in wod, they're relegated to instanced questing) They had an awkward reward structure to start out, and they have a tendency to put you in the shoes of the opposite faction once in a while which some people didn't like.

    IMO, from a rewards standpoint they're perfect for a pure DPS who wants something to do between dungeon queues. They're kind of punishing on healers and tanks simply because they're oriented around fast kills rather than traditional trinity gameplay; in fact most of the major damage going out is largely avoidable in virtually every scenario with a group of DPS.

    I don't think having them hurt the game, but people put them on the same pedestal (and with no new dungeons this patch, I can't blame them) as LFD which is probably not fair. Scenarios/HScenarios are a suppliment to LFR/LFD and not a replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    As others have said, the solo ones were fine, sometimes great, the group ones really didn't improve the game in any way. Perhaps they could do a flex style going froward, from 1-3 players, and implement them for levelling? That way you have the option for slightly more interesting quests and also allow friends to level together.
    I agree with this. The solo ones were interesting. The group ones were not, they were terrible.

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    In my opinion they should just go away. They're trying so hard to make us like them, and at least for me it's not working one bit.

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    As many others have said, they were great for solo content, and that probably where they should be used the most. That said, the biggest mistake with them was in how they utilized them. They are great for telling extra story, but the replay value at max level is horrible. Had they added them as leveling content I think the reception they got would have been much better. For some reason though they were dead set on trying to make the part of the end game structure and it just didn't work.

    Personally if I was running Blizzard I would do this.

    - Keep solo scenarios, they are a great tool for that part of the game
    - Move scenarios to the leveling structure of the game and add in quests to go along with it
    - Keep the heroic versions at max level with questing as well, and have the rewards be some transmog gear ( recolors of old TBC gear? ) and gear along the lines of normal dungeons.

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    I thought the scenarios involved with ToT and whatnot were great.

    The VP farms, not so much.

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    I mean if they helped get me gear at all sure but as they were this expansion no useless never do them

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    I'd scrap them any day to get more 5-man dungeons. Just look at wowhead list of MoP scenarios, there is like 25 of them and only 5 or so 5-man dungeons (numbers not accurate). Yeah 27 vs 9 but still..

    Only exception is solo scenarios, I'd like to see more of these although wouldn't it just be possible to use Phasing instead..

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    yes they where a good thing to tell lore - sadly all the mmoc nubs dont like lore....

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    I've done a fair share of scenarios when I was lacking a small amount of Valor and mostly because of the quick queue times. As such I'd be very happy if Blizzard put seasonal event bosses in scenarios, rather than dungeons. Quick and simple so you can do it on multiple characters very quickly.

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    In the state they are now. No we really didn't need them at all. Dungeons could have easily served the purpose of heroic scenarios like they did in the past. Personal scenarios (Like the Isle of Thunder chain) I don't mind. I'd like if they expanded off that type of scenario instead of the Mini Dungeon type.

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    Dungeons are more fun.

    If Blizzard want to show us "lore" in the better way, then they should make more cool quests with scenes. (like the Wrathgate)

    Solo scenarios - ok.
    Scenarios for 3 people - why? 3x DPS is kinda... pointless.

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    Love the solo ones. I'm a lock and hope that every class ones day gets something like the green fire chain (despite that I don't care for the green fire). They remind me of the ultra long class quests Blizz did during Vanilla and I'd like to see scenarios used like that through the leveling process.

    As a group thing, I found them meh. When they were initially implemented I was a blood dk. Sadly that meant that scenarios were crazy easy for me, I really didn't even need the two other people. Doing them now I still don't feel the draw too them and I'm not sure they are always faster than some of the 5 mans. I can do the SM 5s in about the same amount of time.

    I would like to see them tone down the number of 3 man versions and increase the number of solo scenarios and make them in the world like dungeons. Even if its just an NPC you talk to who ques you up. I will admit though the 5th time going into Isle of thunder I really didn't want to do the scenarios again, wish you could get a skip option after the first couple play throughs. That isl of thunder opener is really slow as a tank/healer pally in very mediocre gear.

    I'm at a loss for people who find 5 mans to be time consuming or long; in run time or que time. One out of 50 or so for me turns into a "wtf is going on here" 5man. Even with a lowly geared group I never found the MoP ones to be time consuming or hard unless someone had ZERO clue and even then it wasn't that bad. I don't like that new 5s aren't added. I've always enjoyed 5mans and would love to see more. I still run 5mans for valor on my highly geared guys. Takes no time I blow them apart and the people you run with are normally pretty grateful. 5 to 10 min que and 15 min MAX for any of them except the stupid Seige of Niuzao temple.

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    Scenarios are garbage.

    I'll always favor the tank/heal/dps trinity for group content, the concept of "no one needs a tank or healer" always universally results in more boring and less interesting content and weak-ass mechanics because if those hits can hit anybody they do no damage and that sort of thing. Game is far more dynamic and interesting with the trinity.

    Scenarios were a complete waste of development time and resources trying to cater to DPS who complain because they only want to play the most mind numbing and common role in the game but their queues suck because literally everyone is a DPS instead of something useful. Scenarios exist solely to pacify those DPS whinerbabies who don't understand queue tanks are long because everyone is playing the same role as them.

    People only do them now to quickly valor cap because they are so excessively easy and simple you can queue up with 2 Bidoofs and still steamroll it for all that valor. Without the high valor-per-time ratio that heroic scenarios have, I don't think anyone would ever do one for any reason.

    Solo scenarios are pretty cool as a story-telling mechanic , but honestly the exact same thing could be done in outdoor world zones without needing a scenario for it just by using some phasing. Also solo scenarios are far too often a gate you have to pass through to do something you need to do on multiple characters like all the ones you had to do for the cloak quest and isle of thunder and such. Any scenario, no matter how good, gets old as shit after you're forced to do it a dozen times.
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    They were cool, I really enjoyed them and hope we get more. At a few points at certain times during Mists I only had 2 other people to run content with and old raids can get old fast.

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    My valor points definitely did. ;P

    It also allows storylines to be created in the game without a large plot/quest line. Which is sorta nice.

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