View Poll Results: Is WoW important to you these days?

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  • 5 - Very important. I play regularly and am very invested in the game.

    69 25.56%
  • 4 - Important. It's probably reached its peak for me, but I play.

    55 20.37%
  • 3 - Neither. I'm not consistently subscribed, but I remain interested and play from time to time.

    67 24.81%
  • 2 - Unimportant. WoW is just another game to me right now, but I stay up to speed with information.

    48 17.78%
  • 1 - Very Unimportant. I don't play, and the game has lost its way for me.

    31 11.48%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donair View Post
    Your first point is hogwash. Unless you're older and just became turned on to the video game scene with WoW exclusively, I can't agree with that as a gamer of almost 25 years. There are a plethora of outstanding titles out and more and more I'm seeing the video game genre truly evolve into an art form.

    I think I know what you are trying to say though, and I agree when I started WoW 8 years ago it completely consumed my time and immediately sky rocketed to the top of my gaming priorities. Nothing was even comparable. And I remember thinking multiple times "I'll never need to waste money on another game again, this is literally all I need." Looking back though, that was certainly just the honey moon period and addiction talking.

    While no doubt special, it is still only a game. More and more now I see the chinks in the Blizzard armor and the ream of Azeroth no longer holds that magical charm for me. I think a lot of us old timers are still chasing that high, but the reality is that WoW simply may no longer provide what it once did. And it's ok to admit that!

    You mention Farmville and Hearthstone are meaningless time fillers as though they are in a different category from WoW, but that's exactly what WoW is too. The concept of raising WoW up above the rest as some sort of sacred treasure is frankly.. well.. weird. Again, I see where you may be coming from as I mentioned above, but as we get older I think it's important to call out WoW for what it is. Just another game. You may wanna reassess your values in life.
    Nothing is hogwash when I describe my personal opinion.

    I am playing video games since 1978 and board wargaming since 1979. One of the very first computer games I played was Moon Lander on the Pet Commodore back in late 78, while in the Arcades I played Crazy Cimber a few months later.

    My first bought board wargame was Napoleon's Last Battles and I was the FIRST person in Belgium to buy an Atari home computer in early 1980 (directly handed by the importer) The 32k Atari PC was YEARS ahead on other home computers back then with 4096 colors and player missile graphics with a directly from the arcades imported Antic graphic chip and a spec Pokey sound chip.

    I programmed in assembler 6502 and published some games for Softside Magazine myself in 1981.

    So I don't think you can blame me of not knowing my gaming world.

    And after having played thousands of video games in my life (we copied/ bought everything we could get our hands on back then) I can sincerely say that NOTHING comes even close to World of Warcraft in long term meaningful game play and fun over 36 years now.

    That nothing covers Crazy Climber back in 79 ... up to the latest Destiny beta I played just a few days ago.

    Especially video games are VERY bleak after a few months. Board (war) games tend to last longer as do miniature games as we seldom play them more than a few times each year.

    But yes, games like Farmville 2 and Hearthstone are in essence very shallow time passers and the fact of the matter is: all other video games were to me. From the legendary Star Raiders on the Atari 800 PC to excellent Heavy Rain on the PS3.

    They all are VERY bleak compared to the hours played or overall extreme fun in WoW for over 8 years now.

    Nothing comes close. And apparently I am not the only one thinking it ... for there is NO game in history which had SO many PAID subscriptions over so many years. Other games simply can't hold up such a success over such a long time overall.

    Of course eventually players will leave a game from playing it 4 hours a day, but you have to look back and say nothing comes close at all in overall DATA. From revenue gained, game time played, lasting value, player investments overall...

    I have had my personal investment in WoW, both in in game memories or my Paladin statue from FigurePrints and that long term 8 year investment of playing with RL or virtual friends or family in a 3D world is something that simply couldn't be attained by other video games for this long period or intensity.

    Not even talking about the extreme different kinds of play offered. From esports to grinding to playing the economy.

    My time permits to play almost everything as my banks work for me. To give an example: I played over 6000 matches of Hearthstone and I have had 9 HC characters in D3 with 3 alive and over 1200 hours played (to just mention other Blizzard games but I DO play/try the others too) and frankly they are so bleak compared to WoW I would hardly give them a 3 in lasting value compared to a 10 for WoW.

    The latest dud was Destiny. Just another shooter for 15 year old kids. There will be NO women in that game, nor decent adults.

    I love gaming, but frankly after World of Warcraft these 2000+ other video games I played were a utter waste of time or just something to pass time. Yes I finished Out Run in the arcades on every coin after a week, Yes I could finish Space Harrier, yes I played Mario in every game possible and frankly Donkey Kong 64 was a hell of a game, but they all pale to time played in WoW for most of us.
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    Dont even want to reinstal the client to try beta.

    So maybe 1.

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    According to your poll it is a 5. But if projected on the importance of RL, friends, going out, job et al...more a 3.

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    1 and over the last 7 years I have about 26000 hours played across all my characters. Game is just awful and I just want it to go back to normal.

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    I picked option 3. I really love the game and I would play it a lot more if people I knew were playing. My interest in the game also dropped after Cata, with the changes to warlock. I always loved that class but ever since the revamp I can't keep on playing him anymore, just because I don't like the class anymore. I'd like to play something else but everytime I play something that I enjoy I keep on thinking about my warlock. The Account mounts and achievements were great but I think it would be even better if they would create something like a paid Class Change services. I know it doesn't make sense but I think it's a better alternative then to make everything account bound like reputation (some will say it will be too easy if they made reputations account bound).

    So yeah, I think I belong to the minority that didn't like the warlock changes so much (destruction was good though) that they just don't enjoy the game anymore. Plus playing alone is annoying as a casual DPS with 45 minutes LFR queue.

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