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    Stronger dps and stronger pvp than my old main when I first started, ret paladin >_>

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    Sometime late 2004, early 2005, as I was leveling my Paladin, an acquaintance needed to borrow my computer for what would be some of the worlds earliest Onyxia attempts (Immortality - Skullcrusher US). He was a rogue and looked like a fool in his Fire Resist gear (resist fights, amirite?). So I was watching the fight and kept looking at the main tank. The guy with the shield, standing in front of the dragon taking a beating while everyone else hid to the sides. The guy who had to move and control the boss. I decided right then that I wanted to do that. Leveled my warrior, went full 31 points prot and have been a warrior pve tank for the 10 years since...

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