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    Quote Originally Posted by shatackoz View Post
    Great. More China arguments.. If Chinese players doesn't count, then WoW never had more than 8million subs.
    It's not "China argument", it's simply an explanation for why things happened at certain points. If you're going to disregard any factual information with regards to China as "Hurr durr China", then why bother responding in the first place? Nobody discounted them as subs. If we did, then WoW would have lost significantly less than 800k subscribers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocheku View Post
    Exactly. The writing for garrosh's story was so fucking bad. And WoDs story isnt going to be any better. They should have moved the story on the most obvious direction and went with Queen Azshara and N'zoth as the focus of the Next xpac.
    You will probably not see this comment. But still I think your comment is one of the most interesting points among those that have been brought in this thread outside of the Fanboys/Haters eternal debate.

    MoP shows the disconnect WoW has with its own lore, and that disconnect is now further confirmed by WoD, it shows that Blizzard can no longer advance that story that started with Warcraft and can only now either bask in the nostalgia or worse twist it like they did with MoP into something it just isn't.

    Not too long ago, WoW was associated with innovation, fun, and great design, the whole industry was looking up to it, now it has lost all that innovation for more of the same or worse less of it, lost all the fun to the same old raids, and now they are essentially copying other for skills, ideas, and philosophies (the ability pruning is essentially making WoW feel closer to QWER MOBAs).

    LoL is where the innovation, fun, and great design is happening now, the King is still alive but people care about him less and less.
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    Well deserved drop for being liars. I still remember that "Dragon soul won't happen again".

    OK Blizzard, do you know a thing that will never happen again? 10M subs. maybe 9M neither.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolgrim View Post
    Was subscribed from 2006-2014 without ever unsubbing, but even my subscription was paused for a few months this year.

    It just blows my mind how they could let that huge gap happen AGAIN (and even longer than before), despite all the talk over the years about how they want to achieve the opposite.
    Same here, I was tempted to drop out after Dragon soul but decided to give it a chance. I don't see myself coming back, though for those who still enjoy it have fun.

    Honestly think mmo devs need to stop aiming for "WoW' numbers because none of them are gonna reach it without watering down their games for the people who are still in the mmorpg scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BullyZJ View Post
    OK Blizzard, do you know a thing that will never happen again? 10M subs. maybe 9M neither.
    Yeah, but that'll be true for all MMOs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unholyness View Post
    Hard cores didn't complain about Cata, quit fucking lying, maybe bad casuals who think they were "hardcore" because they cleared nerfed content but no one else. We were clearing in blues/greens while people were still crying the game was too hard. I have been running Beta and good healer's are having no problem in raids,especially 5-man's lol. They are losing sub's because of the catering to casuals, they are making the game easier and easier, and the subs keep dropping, real easy to see, good players leave, baddies stay.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Baddie still crying about the game being too hard, go practice, hell if you practiced as much as you cry/whine on here you might not be bad, well, not as bad.
    I bet you're fun to hang out and play video games with.

    I sure love these "hurr casuals ruined everything" when even "hardcore" pros hated Cataclysm's heroics (SFK took forever, and wasn't fun, and Deadmines was an even worse shit hole).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    What's with all the wotlk love as of late.. wotlk seems to be still fresh in my mind i can remember people complaining that raids were too easy, lfd destroying the community, that the content lul was way too long, that ruby sanctrum was boring, northrend had too much snow, gearscore was alive and well, dalaran lagged, too many rep grinds for enchants, naxxx is reused etc etc
    Those complaints came from guys who like to talk tough on the forums. It was more fun playing with mediocre players in Wrath than good ones in Cata. The game was old and tired when ICC dragged on but people kept playing because it was fun and there were ways to advance a toon.

    WoD will be Cata 2.0. The curve's drop will get steeper if the new content isn't lightly tuned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    Summer time
    Good weather
    A lot of players are taking a break from WoW until Warlords of Draenor gets out
    Always the same during the summer months, everyone out for hols and good weather been the same since Vanilla, plus always goes quite a couple or so months before an expansion. there does seems a bit of a downward trend but wont be clear till Warlords launches then we will know how many came back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerLCD View Post
    I never understand why people care about how many subs the game has. If it's not impacting how you play or why you play who TF cares. Of course thye are losing subs as there hasn't been any content in close to a year.
    Hey guys! I play on Illidan horde. I don't see what the problem is!

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    haha and blizzard is still saying "working as intended" bullshit blizzard open your eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    - very old game (10 years)

    I guess with WoD they will get back 1 million - but WoW will continue to decline. Old game is old.
    The graphics are being updated continually, ex: New Character Models, Darker Nights etc.
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    WoW isn't all about new concepts or themes, it's about classic archetypes that fit the Holy Trinity gameplay style of Warcraft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, iirc, don't quote me on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arberian View Post
    The graphics are being updated continually, ex: New Character Models, Darker Nights etc.
    I have stoped playing this game because I have become poor... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orkwuzhere View Post
    I bet you're fun to hang out and play video games with.

    I sure love these "hurr casuals ruined everything" when even "hardcore" pros hated Cataclysm's heroics (SFK took forever, and wasn't fun, and Deadmines was an even worse shit hole).

    HC hated Cata heroics? First i heard of this. I loved Cata Heroics.

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    I miss the old day from Wotlk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzicek View Post
    I miss the old day from Wotlk
    Hah... "old days from WotLK".

    If you didn't play pre-release invite only alpha, you can't consider them the "old days".
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    Speaking only on my opinion and personal 10 years of playing WoW and closed beta of it: WoW was once a great game, with alot to it, more involved community, less complaining, and more involved dev's.

    Problems that plague WoW are the constant lore flubs, the changing it on a whim and to suit the very near sighted wow dev's who need to make quick content to appease the masses, in which only is counter-intuitive and hurtful to the game and community as a whole.

    The dev's used to have more of a solid stance against the community and didn't bow to every poster who complained about something. And for those who say Hardcore people don't complain, you would be incorrect. As a officer who was in a top 5 U.S. raiding guild for the better part of 10 years, we complained plenty. But we did so without trolling, flaming, and actually not just complaining but offering some sort of solution. Its better to say hey X and y is broken and then offer how to fix the problem to make it solvable and prosperous for both sides.

    Another problem is, most people who are invited into beta's and testing for blizzard anymore are just average joes who want to brag they got it. They offer little to zero feedback, and tons of complaints. They never think outside the box. I myself like to do so, because if I buff a mage to be unbeatable, then if I come across it on any characters, how will I beat in which I allowed to be buffed to much? Always flip the coin, and thats what made WoW into being awesome.

    The lack of content, lets be honest... the lore for MOP is lackluster. Thus why WOD is coming out, but with these lackluster changes to classes, in which limits them... who exactly gave them the feedback in which now most classes push 2-3 buttons? To me thats boring, great if you're limited in skill. Also the fact people killed garrosh for well over a year.. Blizzard said they would stop that.

    If you take a look at the numbers and dates, around where it stayed even or went up, content patches were made. Where you see drops was farming content. And where you see a surge, ironically right now before WOD.. is a expansion. Notice until the end of WOLK that didn't happen? Why? Numerous reasons that only myself can speculate on and from my observations.

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    Did you really have to bump up this post, or are you trying to give people the impression that Subscriber numbers are ping-ponging from yesterday?

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