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    Quote Originally Posted by Deruyter View Post
    I have 4 level 90 Death Knights, yet I haven't played any of them anymore after hitting 90.

    I used to make them just for the "starter area" experience and then just randomly played them untill I hit the level cap.
    Ah glad im not the only crazy person arround.

    Was about to start my 4th DK .. just want to play it to learn the skills again :P
    I play: DK, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Warrior.

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    In response to "what made me become a DK"

    ...Looked cool and was bored of only having played a rogue since vanilla.

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    As they say, keep your friends close. I've enjoyed Arthas/Lich King lore since Warcraft 3 and wanted to experience more. I levelled a Rogue straight to level 55 and then logged off, created my DK and haven't looked back.

    I still maintain a close friendship the the Lich King. I never really wanted to join the Horde, and my darkest day was having to kill him.

    Now I just bide my time before being called upon once more.

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    Used to be a mage back in vanilla, didnt like how squishy they were and plus i was bad lol. DK's had come out when I got back into wow tried them and I just fell in love with the play style of them and since then have been a DK since I came back.
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    I was a ret pally from the end of vanilla until they introduced holy power and ruined the class, switched to dk and never looked back.

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    Lore, good looks, power.

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    I always wanted a plate warlock who used melee weapons. And they gave it to me.
    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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    Honestly, I originally only made my DK to solo old raids, since I mained a holy paladin, I could do them it just took ages since I didn't have a dps/tank set and didn't want one on my pally.

    Later down the road though I turned it into my raiding main because I loved the feel of Blood...

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    Not having to deal with Vanilla 55-60.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    I basically changed "mains" each expansion. Vanilla was Shaman, TBC SPriest, WotLK was DK. Basically stayed with those since. Though I'm leaning Mage for WoD.

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    My DK never had a fair shake as my main, as I was always the guy who could be relied on to heal, but Unholy... was always just freaking awesome. Everything about it appealed to me.
    If I had the realistic option to swap to it I probably would and no matter how bad Unholy dps is or how much easier Frost is... Good ol'e Timmy and I would be rocking it.

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