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    that's one way to kill an mmo.

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    To tell you the horrible and pathetic truth.. I only need other players so I can boast about my gear, mounts and achievements. That is literally the only purpose other players have to me. So yes, being able to solo everything would be my dream come true.

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    yep and i wouldn't mind it all as long as the bots in the raids with me were decent...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilbo Baggins View Post
    Lets say the game had drop in drop out co-op system. Raids are soloable its engineered in a way that you still get that raid epic feel, an army or group of heroes taking down big baddies, but a raid full of AIs or something.
    You have essentially just described LFR (minus the "epic feel"). And no, personally I didn't find it enjoyable so I'm not playing.

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    Yup, I would. I play solo most of my time anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilbo Baggins View Post
    Hypothetically here of course.

    Lets say the game had drop in drop out co-op system. Raids are soloable its engineered in a way that you still get that raid epic feel, an army or group of heroes taking down big baddies, but a raid full of AIs or something.

    Have system similar to rare spawn tagging where the more people are participating, the harder and beefier the boss is. (with better rewards)

    Would you still play?

    Tell you the truth I would probably be more apt to play personally.
    What you described is Diablo. Personally while I understand soloing things is quite fun on WoW atm it's incredibly biased as to the limitations of your class, I would not play WoW if it was as you described.

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    Nah, got Diablo for drop-in drop-out co-op play.
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    I totally would. I enjoy playing with others, but I hate the fact that my success/failure in this game is like, 90% dependent on other people. frankly, I'd probably still be subscribed if I could just do raids by myself.

    i'm thinking only in terms of pve. this game is impossible to go solo in bg-like pvp, and that's great.

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    After I have experienced the coolness and frustration of raids for 7 of the 10 years that I play and slowly detatched myself from the guild...I probably would. As a new game? Not likely.

    There is already a lot I do alone and since many ppl in my guild are taking a break (not unsubbed but not raiding) activity has dropped - so it is not hard to goof around alone.

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    Plain and simply, nope.

    I don't like the idea of people asking, wishing or expecting something to be done solo other than quests or solo queues. It is an MMO after all, you should be in need of interaction with others. I know most see it as not much of it due to them AFK'ing and queues in the Shrine/cities but raids shouldn't be solo'd at all (unless old content). Dungeons can be solo'd if you gear yourself better, again, old content is okay.

    Rather wish to fight through a raid together with others than just make it feel like some singleplayer game as you bash through it.
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    Practically all my IRL friends have stopped playing and I only play the game as single player anyway (sans the occasional dungeon or random invite to do some rare or whatever). If the only "multi-player" content was the auction house, my experience would not change that much.
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    I would love to play alone so i don't have to deal with players fighting over purple items or making excuses at the last minute unable to make it instead of giving me a notice in advance.

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    No probably not. It would need better graphics, more voice acting, cut scenes, and be more story driven.

    I played swtor entirely solo. Then hung it up @ max level. It was a 1 player game that required internet connection to me.

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    yes, but it wouldn't replace interaction, just another avenue of gameplay to pursue.

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