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    This is how you express YOUR opinion: you start your story with : any variant of I PERSONALLY THINK THAT or I FEEL THAT or IT IS MY OPINION THAT

    To apply this:

    for me, cataclysm was a more enjoyable expansion. the theme, lore, villian was just so much better incorperated in the whole expansion wheras with mists i didn't really like the artstyle or the whole take a culture as an influence to a fantasy world didn't really work for me. Nonetheless i had some fun in mop especially with flex, i just missed the true warcraft style of orcs, humans, death, savage, dragons, ... things i didn't find in a continent based on panda's and asian culture.

    I'm still subscribed but eagerly looking forward to WoD!

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    Actually, Pandaria was better, just a lot of immature man-children couldn't handle Pandaren, so they cried up a storm and left.

    And the game was better for it.

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    I liked Cata and I liked MoP. Yay for opinions!

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