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    oh lordy........ The only real challenge there ever was, was an hardware issue.
    10 yrs ago home computers simply weren't as powerful as they are today, and they were significantly more expensive in comparison.
    With that said, the real issues with MC and in parts with AQ too were

    1. Getting 40 ppl together to actually have a raid.
    (that one is true for most players, since only few guilds actually had the size to muster 40 people for a guild only raid)

    2. Overcome the challenge of lagging like crazy, because the hardware couldn't simply handle the amount of information anymore.

    All that said..... Am I excited about the anniversary events? Not really... Both aren't my cup of tea. But I see what Blizzard did there.
    Relive the challenge lol. In 40 man once again some people's pc's will go down to their knees.
    And in a 100 vs 100 pvp battle, it's going to be an even more epic hardware battle.
    Now if their sense of humor reaches epic proportions, they should build in enough bugs and what not, that locks your screen up, disconnects you, and all the juicy 9 yards, so people can truly relive the beauty of classic/vanilla WoW.
    I had a far less poweful computer back then and if anything I had much better fps in 40 player MC than I have on 25 player raids. My fps issues seem to be more to do with CPU strain than my graphics card... I guess todays WOW just uses far more CPU power with 25 players than it did with 40 players back in MC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    Complete the raid finder and get the mount, it is pretty simple, I mean if 40 people listen lol.
    Most of the bosses had about 2 abilities... Like Gehenna was rain of fire and a curse that reduced healing taken. Magmadar was a dispellable enrage (which probably wont even hurt in an LFR version) and a random fear. The bosses were so basic that it really isn't going to require people to listen to tactics. I don't even remember tank swaps being required on most of the bosses (if any).

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    we are applying difficulty - the main difficulty of that time was that 95 % of group played like complete utter shit myself included - and thats where main diffuclty was coming from - people were clueless and thats why those fights appeared difficult - just pls stop lieing to yourself about how amazing good players were = we were not we played like shit and that why it took months to clear content - if we had current class knowledge and experience it woudl be eaiser then lfr is atm.
    This discussion about whether raids were harder in old Wow or now is pointless.

    I would say difficulty hasnt changed much over each expansion this is simply because each raid is a product of its time.

    Its fair to say that the boss mechanics were much easier in the early days compared to now, its also fair to say pc tech was more challenging in the early days, its fair to say it was harder to get into good raiding guilds back in early Wow too... but tbh they all contribute to a bigger picture. And that bigger picture gives us a more constant difficulty.

    I would argue that the single most relevant factor which has effected raiding over the years is the development of Addons. This factor alone has simplified raiding in a way which has totally changed the face of how Blizzard designs raids in the first place!

    U gotta remember players back in early Wow didnt have addons to telegraph when the boss was gonna do something, they had to learn through trial and error. So the more complex boss mechanics have been negated by the development of addons alongside.

    Also take into account that bosses released in the early days didnt have endless 'walkthrough' videos or pages of tutorials from the top guilds. Nowadays all this stuff is released long before the raids even go live ffs!

    So this pointless argument... the correct answer is that theyre about the same difficulty overall.

    Can we agree that its all relative and that raiding has been equally as tough through Wows lifetime?

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    the core hound mount looks unbelievably cool, and who doesn't love the corgi?!?

    i for one am very excited.
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