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    They announce a 100vs100 battleground and I can already picture PVPers collectively orgasming at the news, and shortly thereafter they announce that they "feel" this would be a negative experience.

    We don't care what YOU FELL, how about you listen to US for once, we FEEL that we would have a TON OF FUN for years to come in this BG if you'd let it in. I'm sorry that all your 15 million new battlegrounds suck and that we wished we had more than 2 blacklists so we could only play AV and AB all day, but that's how it is.

    I seriously cannot believe these are the same people who made Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 1. Not even being dramatic, I stare at my screen and with mouth hanging slightly.
    It's just gonna be a zergfest and 100 vs 100 is not gonna run at all on my computer anyway. I will probably go in there once to see how it looks and then never again. If I want to zerg there's enough other BGs for that. People need to get over their nostalgie for TM and SS. Nostalgia is great and all, but there is nothing compelling about these locations, it's the memories you have about them, and you can't recreate that. Enjoy if for the few weeks it's there and then move on.

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    This thread is not leading to any sort of constructive discussion. Closing it.

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