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    The lag is going to be real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eremurus View Post
    The lag is going to be real.
    only people with bad computers say that

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    I think doing it once will be fun, and I'm glad I can get a neat mount from it. That being said, while my computer is decent, it's not top tier by any means. I have issues sometimes with lag in 25-man LFRs, I'm not looking forward to seeing what 40 people on my screen killing a boss will do to my computer.

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    I think the players on these forums that aren't as psyched about it may be because they are taking this in the wrong context. It's not meant to be a legitimate raid. It's not something that is part of WoD. It's for the anniversary of World of Warcraft, 10 years strong. It's just a little look back at vanilla and giving players some incentive to go back and reminisce. Everyone is too hung up on the fact that it is LFR. LFR and PuGs are not all that different other than being able to set an ilvl pre-requisite.

    My guild is large enough that we'll set up at least 3 40 man's when it becomes available, but either way, even if it is boosted, MC back in the day was trivial but compared to the bosses now, mechanic wise, it's a cake walk. I'm very excited to revisit Molten Core with guildies and anyone for that matter. Excited for the mount, the corgi and the battleground.

    Just stop thinking about it as some sort of raid to meet the current tier, it's just meant as a sort of gift to us for being a part of WoW. It is MUCH better than getting a small little xp boost.

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    They already reused MC with Firelands, pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    already sick of it after farming bindings/tier
    Not even a Molten Corehound mount gets you at least interested? wow!

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    1. REHASH CONTENT wtf blizz

    2. MY PC IS GONNA LAG TO HELL its blizz fault that my pc is from 2008

    3. I WOULD HAVE PREFERED BWL OR NAXX OR insert other old raid here


    5. WAHH TEMPORARY CONTENT IS LAME i want it to be for evarr!!!111

    6. I WANT HEROIC REHASHED MOLTEN CORE FFS how can i prove im leet if i only do the lfr version!111

    /shits nappy
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    Temporary content is lame, see GW2. My luck I'll be working 80 hours a week, or unemployed and miss it all together.

    Other than that, it is a cool idea, but what would make it cooler would be to re-add the legendary amulet as an heirloom (1-90) that gave you molten footprints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcackermann86 View Post
    correct. it is only a LFR raid. there will be no normal, heroic or mythic version. i think its a great idea though. i would like to see at least a normal version though. i despise running LFR and this is gunna force me to do it.
    You can still grab the rest of 39 people you know and queue. Nobody is forcing you to solo queue.

    As to the "event" itself. Sounds like a lot of fun and it's meant to be for fun, anniversary and nostalgia. It's not meant to be a real raid, so people can stop with the drop items and legendary weps, heroic versions and whatnot. It's simply something to enjoy in for the 10th anniversary and have fun, so stop with it and have some actual fun for a change when the time comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockrocker75 View Post
    Not even a Molten Corehound mount gets you at least interested? wow!
    Mounts were awesome before we had 200 of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostpanda View Post
    So with the temporary revamp on Molten Core 40man what do you guys think. Do you like it? Do you not?? Also, Blizzard only stated you would be able to go around in a LFR version. Does this mean that we won't be able to do a real raid of it? It would be nice to see a real challenge.
    You serious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurgath View Post
    You serious?
    many things to add to my waahh post, thanks for the ideas guys, i didnt know i had so many reasons to be upset!

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    It's going to be great fun. I really want that mount even though it looks too big right now.

    I'm glad it's LFR too since that means more easily formed groups with no arbitrary requirements to get in.

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    The competition is tough but this might be their worst idea yet.
    Well, second to the one where they put tier 2 pants on the end boss of this terrible place so you had to keep running it even after clearing BWL.
    If they want to make it authentic I hope they disable the raid marker icon things for Garr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revi View Post
    I like the idea, but it'd be nice if they at least offered a flex version so you don't have to run with randoms. And before anyone tries to be clever, no, I cant find 40 people to make a raid on my server.

    I'm curious what they're going to put on the loot tables though, guessing just transmog versions of the original gear.

    Overall not very exited. I'll do it once for the pet which I'll never use, and then forget about the whole thing.

    I would imagine there will be events posted on Open Raid for this event. There isn't any reason to find 40 people on your server.

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    Give! Give! Give!

    Cant wait for it tbh. Molten Core remained one of my favourite raids for its atmosphere and size for a very long time.
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    Oh, nostalgia. If i wasnt so upset about blizzard, this would be a reason to return temporarily.

    But on the other hand.. i raided Molten Core over and over in classic. With my priest, my hunter, my mage..

    Not sure if its worth to pay the 13 bucks for just seeing all that magma again.
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    Going to do it once then forget about it.

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    i will do one run just for the legacy achievement/feat of strength and the mount since its looking pretty cool.
    otherwise i ignore molten core lfr, just like the other lfr raids.
    same for the tarren mill battleground: get the achievement und "good bye".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arteous View Post
    only people with bad computers say that
    To be honest WOW and League of Legends are two titles proud of catering to people playing on wooden pcs and "toasters", that's another reason why they have a lot more players than their respective competition.

    I still remember healing in Magtheridon with my camera pointed into the floor and it was "stand here, heal this cube guy" otherwise I would crash. Couldn't raid 25 mans at all. Changed PC somewhere in the first year of Cata but that makes it 4 years old now and it was never a rocket. If I go to Ordos / Celestials it's a lagfest for me. So I'm gonna possibly do the same in new Raggy as I do on Ordos, tag along and pretend I'm doing something, and be one of "lfr noobs", collect my mount and cya.

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