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    weak auras progress bars

    So i have been using weak auras to track the cooldown on my trinkets and i have been using icons but have been wanting to switch to bars. The only reason i have not is i want them to match the rest of my ui (I use elvui) and when the bars are black it becomes difficult to see the time remaining at a glance. I want to put the spark texture (the one that elvui uses for its aura bars and castbars) on the progress bar in relation to the time remaining. I have found the texture and can make weak auras show it as a texture but can find no way to make it move. I thought maybe the dynamic groups would be the way to do it but was unable to figure out a way to make it work.

    Basically in this whole long complicated explanation I just want to make my progress bars look like elvui's aura bars.

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    I'll try to give you an ''experimental'' way maybe that will help you. Make the aura bar as you want it to be, including texture,border,text etc. Duplicate it. At the new bar change the color of it to match the color of the spark you want. Remove the border, then make the bar let's say 1 pixel shorter and 1 pixel wider. That way the new bar will have the height of the previous bar w/o the border but a little longer so you can see that extra pixel as a spark or white ''line''. Make the 1st aura bar you make, high strata and the duplicate inherited strata. Tell me the results !
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