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    I'm just going to throw this out there but monks have more of an impact than most classes in randoms. Like druids, they're able to flag carry really well thus a large portion of BGs become substantially better because of this fact.

    Full prideful and skilled have more of an impact than an entire team of bots.

    Regardless of the conclusion from this research, 50 BGs is not a substantial research size especially considering its only a single character. If you got 10-20 people to do the same on a range of classes/gear levels, then you would have an impressive quantitative metric. Just as an example, on my main, my average win-rate is approximately 70% (mostly solo) for most bgs but even with this win-rate on a mix of realms and changing factions multiple times, despite this I sometimes get 5-10 losses in a row as a full prideful player playing to win. Most BGs, the only heal I ever get is from myself yet on the opposite team, I'm constantly dealing with healers everywhere.

    Some BGs have full prideful, some are fresh dinged bots with cataclysmic pvp gear, some are grievous and some don't care about winning. It's all random and your class/gear/role have an enormous contribution in winning and your capacity to win. If you put the effort in then you can help in winning the BG but there's often only so much you can do.

    As an anecdote, I play SC2 team games every now and then but my mechanics aren't quite strong because of my infrequent commitment to the game to get better yet I perform much better than players at my level, usually gold league. My APM averages at 130, 3-4x higher than the average but even I wouldn't be able to stand against a team that works together and plays well. If I'm lucky, I can establish base expands and sky rocket my macro economy, make a huge amount of units and constantly harass and push 4 enemies at a time back long enough for me to get exponential economy growth or to boost my team but this is rare, I can't do this frequently and most of the time, I can feel helpless despite me having a 90% win-rate in my league.

    A recent game I played had their entire team rush us, they killed 3 of my teammates and even though I thought of surrendering right there and quitting the game, I managed to defend the attack when they attacked me last and I expanded twice. This put them behind which allowed me to constantly deny their economy, send dropship attacks everywhere and keep my economy superior. In the end, I did so much damage and managed to get ahead that I won the game, 1v4 in a 1hour long game.

    In the end, sometimes you can't do anything to help but sometimes you can. However, SC2 is a much harder game and has a much wider and higher skillcap which allows better players to excel more than a game like WoW where skill isn't much of a factor unless its top end PvE or PvP.
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    Of course personal skill matters
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    I do find out that a few well-geared characters trying to do their best to win can move the team from a total failure to victory. However, if the team is composed mostly of undergeared characters, bots or guys only going after Honor your struggle will be mostly useless.

    I can tell when a team is gonna lose when I feel like I'm playing alone, or almost alone.

    Everyone is at one base fighting without end, then you go to the farthest enemy base to try and take it, only to find 5 guys defending it.

    You are always the guy to get the flag, then you are ROFLstomped in the middle of the map while outnumbered 3-1.

    You are the sole attacker against efc. Always.

    Your team somehow manage to take 3 bases in EotS, then you realize your team left the two outermost bases unguarded, so the enemy team not only retakes both bases, but also captures the flag as well.

    You look into the map and see everyone fighting in roads, except for you and one or two other poor souls who are desperately trying to hold on your remaining bases, while the enemy control most of the map.

    At the start of the match, you notice you are the only guy in the team with 500k+ health. To make matters worse, 3-4 others have less than 400k health.

    You notice the best geared players are just farming kills, while the ones struggling to win are the ones undergeared, which are the majority of your team.

    On Kotmogu Temple, your team never goes after the orbs. There are 2-3 orbs available, and no one goes after them. As the match goes, you notice you alone are the source of 80% of your team's score.

    HOWEVER, if the team has at least a few other well-geared players, OR those undergeared know what they are doing, you may turn the tide in your favor. It's just not always possible.

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    If you're afk that's a 9v10. Of course it has an effect is a team is one player short, what kind of test is this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DenniZ View Post
    Bogus research. Worthless statistics.
    sorry OP buI agree with him. "helping" is a relative term. How much do you help? on a scale of 1-10? Your perspective would differ from someone else's. I don't see how you get a percent out of it. Of course helping "can" help. But I really weigh it more on the health pool of my team at the start vs the health pool of the other team, I can judge pretty accurately if one team will get smashed or it will be somewhat even before the game starts.

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