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    Just one guy ruining the fun and community feel for the rest of you. You guys are better off without him so really it sounds like you did the guild a favour by making him leave.
    Yeah, this. Sounds like he just wanted to create drama. I was my guild's loot officer for a few years, and I've seen some of the worst drama/greed you can imagine. I can tell you your guild is much better off without people like that guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftbamboo View Post

    So Basicly I had a minor operation yesterday <some laser treatment> and I could not sleep so instead of just sitting in bed I came on to the guilds TS server while they are doing there weekly farm and just wanted to say hi to take my mind off the situation. My eyes were bandaged so was unable to see <had my wife help me log on and that> and they were 23 manning content and asked if I wanted to just tag along, they already knew my situation and we had a good laugh about me just going on follow and am unable to do anything I agreed and said that Im just there until more log on.

    So was just Norushen hc and boss died and I rolled on a bonus coin hc wf legs <again had my wife helping me which was an experiance to have another who has no idea what the hell is going on trying to visually explain things> and this was met with a general gz. Felt pretty good after hard day and as we continue through sha and then gala having a lol on ts with the guild we are met with an awkward situation of our raid leader saying that a certain player is loot banned for the next few bosses.

    We are all abit confused and it turns out he was afk the last few fights and his reasoning was his afk because I am afk and refuses to do anything untill myself either raids or leaves. He is met with many remarks such as grow up or dont be silly everyone was fully aware of my situation and he rage quit off TS then contintued to rage in /w to a few and this eventually led to him leaving on an alt then after raging and causing drama he was removed from guild.

    Now I feel really bad as this is because of me being in a raid that i was taking no part in and reguardless of how the situation took place it was down to me so should i feel guility and try and resolve this by reaching out or let the officers do what they do and stay out.
    Sounds like he was being an idiot. Even if I was INFURIATED with someone being AFK or something, I would never 'refuse' to do anything until my demands were met regarding that person. Hell I wouldn't do that crap in LFR, let alone with friends and guildies.

    I imagine your guild is better off without people like that. You probably did them a favor... good riddance I say! Rest up and heal, don't worry about dumbasses like that.
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    To some people WoW is there life, there only importance exists within the game and whatever. However insignificant and laughable the situation may seem, someone got hurt, someones world was destroyed that day. Just so you could have a laugh and feel better? I feel guilty just thinking about it.

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    dont feel bad about other people being assholes. the raid wasnt even full so its not like u were taking a spot, the spots were empty. if anything u added some dps however little it was.

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    Sounds like complete overreaction by the dude... This late into the content.. and from the sounds of it, these are easy farm bosses for your guild, since they were 23 manning it.

    You taggning along didn't make or break the evening, and since you got the loot from coin, who cares. The guy needs some perspective.

    The other side of the coin is - your raidleader could have probably handled it differently - perhaps for the very same reasons - if this is just faceroll farm content, then lootbanning someone instead of just asking them politely to stop afking would have (perhaps) avoided the conflict, but sounds like the dude isn't very likeable character, so maybe there were tensions and the RL just wanted to stomp him.

    Either way, not your fault

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    He would have brought this down on himself eventually anyway. You have nothing to feel guilty about.
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    of 9 or 24 people there with you, if only one guy has no compassion, then i would follow the example of the rest of the guild and let him go.

    if you showed up blind to every raid then maybe i could see his point, but just a one off? You had an operation, shit happens. Hell if they couldnt replace you anyway what was the hurt!

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    Are you healed already?! Or is your wife reading and responding to this thread for you? If that's the case then... good wife.
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    my wife is responding for me i already have quite bad eyesight and struggle in the raids but i make do with audio addons and large tv lots of keybinds and ttarget macros stuff like that i will continue to raid with the help of my guild and wife for as long as my eyesight allows atm im liucky enough to be in a guild where they understand i have to have operations <laser treatments / optical correction and muscle tighterners once a month so i miss 1 or 2 raids a month which the guild has always been ok with.

    The guild has just killed garrosh hc so we are not a world first pushing progression but get it done eventually and when i am able to play i am valued as a raider always do as much as i can and dont let the group down more or less then anyone else

    I do stream aswell so others can see and hear the audio addons / ui i use to make these things possible put that with my wife sometimes on progresssion will sit with me and point out what she can so im lucky to do what i do with help from everyone around me

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    I don't know why you even thought of going in the first place.
    Read the post next time. OP was just tagging along, his guild were already 23-mannning content. Maybe he's in a guild where the people actually ENJOY each others company?

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    People rage over the silliest things in this game.

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    Just 1 thing, you seem to have an amazing Guild, do something for them once you got better!
    (btw how did you type all this when your blind? :P)
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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