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    The raid is only lasting for a day or two. That is no where near enough time to even begin getting the legendary.

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    I will bet all of the gold my main has that we will not be getting legitimate legendaries
    from this LFR MC event.
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    You can't fight porn on the internet, you may as well declare war on something overwhelming like water on Earth's surface - or something ephemeral like "terror" (lol sorry, had to do it) - or something both overwhelming and ephemeral... like porn on the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laerrus View Post
    That would be awesome, perhaps have Chromie port your toon to the old raid(s).
    I would love for Chromie (or any Bronze dragon) to be standing there when you first create a character so you can talk to them and get ported to the pre-Cataclysm version (including the dungeons). Because that's what I would choose all the time. And I probably would have a constant sub to the game, too.

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    Molten Core WILL be after wod release, you WILL get LFR gear of wod's 1st tier

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    Extremely unlikely seeing that the raid is gonna be temporary.

    In fact i wouldn't be surprised if no loot even drops and the only boss we fight is Raggy.

    The whole point of this is just a huge nostalgia trip and not just another LFR loot pinata.

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    The bosses will probably not even drop loot just give out loot boxes of some kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuLogic View Post
    The bosses will probably not even drop loot just give out loot boxes of some kind.
    The article that announced the event even has the headline "Gearing Up to Celebrate 10 Years of World of Warcraft". I know that to gear up can mean "to step it up" or something like that, but it's at least a double entendre.

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    That was I think enough to enter Dragon Soul LFR and about what you got from the Caverns of Time heroic 5-mans.

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