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    Okay so I get that there are a few of you that dislike the idea of having to go through each raid tier to move forward like we had to in Vanilla and BC. Now a new patch comes out and you can skip a tier but what if after you finish SoO you go through the older tiers that cam out through that expansion again but with beefed up bosses and you have to go through each tier.

    This means while you were able to do SoO, the older tiers that irrelevant for alts now become relevant again since there is still more to do. Maybe this could fix a void of sorts for the year of no content unlike BC where everybody always had content (outside of super hardcore raiders) since you had to progress through everything which I preferred.

    Another idea? Choose a random raid each week (not Dragon Soul though) and have it beefed up to SoO stats with the gear drops being the same textures but with Mop level stats. One week you'll have Ulduar, the next it could be Karazhan, and maybe Blackwing Lair another week.

    Just some thoughts as to possibly balance some ideals out.
    That is not a solution, if something it's gonna make things worse for Blizzard. And also it's not gonna work, you spend 6 months doing a raid, clearing normal and heroic, farming heroic so everyone is fully geared etc. Going to do that raid again isn't going to be "hard", because people already know all the tactics, so it may look like it's gonna give more content but it isn't, people will just clear it really fast anyways, after 1 week most top guilds would already have cleared without any problems, heroic mode that is. Plus I don't wanna go back and do MSV again, any raid I'd want to do on current levels would be anything in WotLK and before that, and that's not gonna be like "oh bosses in SoO hit for 200k, lets make bosses in Icecrown Citadel hit for 200k and problem solved" It's A LOT more complicated then that, in the end they might as well just make a new raid tier for people, which they should be doing. Blizzard needs to stop bringing complicated features to WoW, like Garrison, they should've worked on that feature over 5~ years, not in less then 2 years. WoD wont deliver what we were promised MOSTLY because of Garrison, and how is Garrison really an improvement to WoW? Yay you get a housing, but really, other then playing Sims in WoW, it's useless tbh. It's gonna farm some gold for you, do some quests, do some botted dungeons or something to give you some fancy blue gear that you should work towards your self I guess. I mean c'mon we don't need this shit, I liked the idea of Garrison at first, but meh, until I try it out I'm against it, I don't need 10 Mexican workers to do my dirty job that I'm supposed to do my self. If they had just brought us some cool feature that isn't as complicated as Garrisons, and actually delivered what they promised it would've been pretty awesome.

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    Well OP, I think it's a good idea. Calling it a "solution" is a stretch, but it's a good idea. It's predicated on two points which all the naysayers seem to be blatantly ignoring:

    1. It should be a very low-cost, low-maintenance effort. If it's not, then it's obviously not going to work and the proposal is moot.
    2. People are going to find ways to kill time anyway. This will include running old content.

    It seems all of your detractors are dismissing the possibility of #1 outright, or suggesting that protest via unsubscription is the only reasonable solution thus discounting #2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halicia View Post
    the solution to no content is not to throw everything out every month.

    if they kept new content as 'progression', but old content as relevant for non-progression... REGARDLESS OF LEVEL... we'd suddenly have a lot more stuff to do rather than simply achievements or 1% mount drops. the pets idea was cool, but again... if the content wasn't trivial, it would provide more entertainment.
    This isn't really a good idea in practice. Dividing your playerbase out like that burned guilds a lot in TBC, where players progressing in SSC/TK were commonly poached by players progressing BT/Hyjal, and players progressing BT/Hyjal were commonly poached by sunwell guilds. And while there was linear progression (in that BT was more lucrative than SSC, but required gear from SSC to become "Doable")... where your proposed model might have a more horizontal progression, the problem (ultimately) is that if you upscale old content, you get weird issues where a trinket from two raids ago is BiS this tier. which means your rogues and warlocks want to farm Lei Shen, your Shamans want to farm Sha of Fear, but your mages want to farm the trinket off of immersius.

    If there was an alternative progression that involved doing old raids (Like how old raids were handled in wrath, bonus emblems on a weekly quest to kill a specific boss from any of the wrath raids) that would be tactful. It would provide incentive to get cutting edge rewards, the content, while somewhat trivial, would still be mechanically engaging and a change of pace. people on the bleeding edge might've not cared about badges of frost at that point (but still likely had alts who could use them) but it gave players an opportunity to go pug instances that otherwise weren't getting run each week.

    Today, the only incentives to go back to old raids are Xmog and Glory, and neither are terribly lucrative.

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    Given the number of people who have finished what is currently known as Heroic mode this suggestion already exists for a lot of people. Running former expansion tiers at something more difficult than heroic isn't the answer. If you haven't finished heroic it's there if you consider that content.

    Really, if scenarios are so easy to build cook up a dozen of them and hold them back for this period. Release a new one every other week or something. As well, throw most of the current world bosses from the expansion into scenarios so it would be simple to get up a group for them. It's not much but it's probably better than nothing.

    It's questionable to me that end-of-expansion content created to cover the drought after the last raid should have anything to do with raiding. They did that once with results that could optimistically be called mixed.

    Some special events might be fun. Some people won't care about any of it though and that's OK.
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    The easiest solution is once you've completed Heroic and most of your raid team is satisfied with drops (mounts, xmog gear, legendarys, etc) just unsub until the prepatch. Honestly if you feel you have no content then stop playing and either play something else or take a break. Blizzard will continue these content droughts until their bottom line suffers.

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    And then people would complain about "rehashed" content.

    And it would push back the release of the next patch from them having to balance out the content you wish to do over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorzzara View Post
    1) It would make content last longer, but not THAT long. We are talking about a YEAR now.
    That's true. It would also require Blizzard to not sit on their behinds for 6 months and develop new content >.>

    2) And people were running these raids, because it was relevant? Yes, relevant for leveling their ALTS, or gearing up new members of the guild, so they could actually help the guild progress in the really relevant content. Oh, what great fun it was, for my full AQ40 equipped warlock, who knew every rat in Blackrock mountain by its first name, to drag new recruits through BWL, so they could join us then in AQ40, to be geared up for the coming Naxxramas. JOY! HAPPYNESS! UNICORNS!

    It was relevant for people who were just getting to that point, is my point. Like Johnny who just hit 60/70 and was gearing up so he could do the actual current content. He couldn't just breeze through in a week, it took him some time to catch up - and he didn't get left too far behind because it took normal guilds a few weeks to complete the content. So you had tiers grow more difficult so that people who were breezing through had to take their time, as well as people just starting out having to take their time to progress.

    Yes, it was slightly annoying to have to drag new guildies through content, but it was also fun. You got to know your players and it honestly didn't feel like a chore because you were doing it for a guildy and guilds back then were like a family. You knew EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY talked, pretty much. That's what WoW is missing now.

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    Another solution is just to unsub and show Blizzard that a year of no content isn't worth paying for.

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