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    Blue gear upgrades in WoD

    In WoD we will be starting out in the beggining leveling gear, ie the blues from dungeons, but there has been something bugging me that has also been bugging me since the start of MoP

    Why the hell are Justice Points upgrades so expensive? As it stands they have reduced the cost of upgrading gear using Valor and yes Valor is a whole lot harder to come by given its cap but in reality the current cost of upgrading pieces is a bit moronic. If I recall correctly it costs something allong the lines of 1.5k per upgrade. Even chain running heroics that isn't a number to be scoffing at. Hell it will take roughly 20 bosses, again can't recall the amount per boss but wasn't it something like 60JP per boss?, which when you are looking to upgrade all availiable gear you are wearing can lead to most simply giving in to the annoyance of doing so.

    I'd rather they simply reduced the cost of JP upgrades to something more like 500JP per upgrade allowing you to upgrade gear but not simply allowing you to get all of it up to the max without any real effort. I'm only looking at this because I rememeber the arguements that came from not having everything fuly upgraded due to burn out and the amount of pain it caused trying to do so.

    So what do you guys think about it? The number for an upgrade can be changed to a larger amount but as it stands we are going to get carple tunnel trying to get it upgraded.
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    Upgrades are going away in WoD I believe so it won't be an issue.

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    They're removing it in WoD anyway but one reason is that Valor is capped to 1k a week AND is harder to earn whereas you can earn a full 4000 JP in an hour or two at best. In short, it takes very little effort to upgrade JP gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosstafa View Post
    Upgrades are going away in WoD I believe so it won't be an issue.
    Thank goodness, too.

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