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    Why do you confront her about this? Well because you love her. You are worried about her and the future you have together. You fell for her as a person when she was different to now. You want that person back.
    That's indeed how normal people behave.

    Instead here on the forums we have people who claim they love WoW but instead of confronting her about the problems (leave civilized feedback on the Blizzard forums and the appointed feedback email address) what they do what in your example would be yelling at her in street corners "I've been fucking your sister (playing other games) you lazy fuck, and will dump your ugly ass unless you turn back into the person you were ten years ago. And get a facelift too while you're at it." That's not civilized feedback or loving somebody or criticising them about problems. It's you trying to control others lives and not doing anything to be supportive or helpful.

    People change and get older and (usually) wiser. Often they learn to tolerate different opinions while broadening their world view. So why is that not allowed from the game you supposedly love? WoW does not exclude anybody from doing things they liked ten years ago, you can still do hard raids if you want. Instead it has grown and matured and changed with the world, accepting everybody as they are without prejudice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    Ironically you have repeatedly indicated that ignoring the problems is exactly what you want others to do.
    Nope. I've learned to live with the problems (changes I don't like) and I expect everybody with slightest bit of humanity can do the same.

    Instead of expecting the world (of warcraft) to bend to your wishes and whims you need to conform to majority rule. That's how things work in the real life.

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    I unsubed in Jan, but I still read mmo champion every morning with my coffee. I love wow as a whole but wish they didnt worry about the people who bitch so much. I am playing ESO right now, CYRODIL is amazing and while I am playing it I am thinking BLIZZARD(from the past) could make this so much better .... but present blizz i,dont think so. I cant wait to play xpac, level all my characters to 100 but I am upset about the main things they have done like:

    - skill tree changes(I like every level you get a point to spend its like Christmas when your character levels)
    -i love lots of spells to choose from (I dont understand this "I HAVE TOO MANY SPELLS TO MANAGE" crap, if i dont like a spell i dont even put it on my button bar)
    - etc more but I dont wanna bother bashing game

    I am going to move on because like I said I am going buy xpac and level my 11 level 90's, but I just wish there was that old blizzard who I knew would deliver like they did in BC and WOTLK ....but who knows, maybe WOD will rock my world .....

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    group 1 considers group 2 and 3 to be the same

    i think that's what you're doing

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    Because we're humans and we as humans like to have the illusion of being heard, we like the false sense of power that posting on a forum does. Yes it's sad and yes I hate myself for it.
    Hey everyone

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    It's called people with no lives that browse message boards, Youtube videos, news sites only to post comments about how much they don't care. Or try to act all edgy and "against the man", just look how popular the Metal thread is here, lol.

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    I fall in group 2, but it's easily be possible that i'm just burnt out and basically all my fuss is about the total lack of rogue gameplay changes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I honestly don't understand it either. It's one thing to be unhappy and start threads discussing possible changes. It's another to waste your life on a forum to bash.
    Same here. While i don't like the game as much as before and i'm not going to buy WoD at least for the forseeable future, i see zero point in coming here and just ranting about "how it sucks now and how it should be". Plus, we rogues already have our "rant megathread" (which is awesome).
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    One of my favorite things to do on MMO champ outsite of needlessly playing devil's advocate is to come into threads like these that have already gone 10+ pages, just to see how much they've fallen off of the original topic.

    I clicked back one page and it was mostly subjugated by people arguing the semantic definition of love, for example. Sometimes it's hard for the people involved to step back and say "what the fuck are we even talking about" and these are the situations that make me smile the most.

    Then again, I probably fall into an unlisted subgroup. I'm not subbed, but I don't hate the direction of the game, it just doesn't excite me personally. There's very little about Warlords for example that amps the shit out of me, but I don't blame the game or its developers for that. They're not going to please every person every time. Yeah it sucks that there's a giant counter on the front page that everyone's hyping about and I dont care in the SLIGHTEST, but I still like to hang around anyway. There's a decent handful of people I've met through these boards that I'd consider friends and an even larger handful of people who don't even know who I am that I really enjoy reading posts from.'s mostly the devil's advocate thing though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrox View Post
    Banned from the main forums for trolling like 4 years ago
    sad seeing u are not banned here aswell

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    lost... so not sure
    i am not sure... some kind of addicted i guess. even when i have to learn a lot, i "need" this side to come down.

    ...strange... i like this forum and its users.
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    I am #1 for the most part. It has given me an "out" in my life when things get rough. A time to clear my head if you will. I have met some great people, sadly I don't talk to anyone in game anymore though :-/ but still looking for the right guild. It has actually improved me in many areas of life that I am sure I would have improved on eventually but none the less it has taught me things that are actually useful that many take for granted. No matter if you hate the game with a passion now or not everyone has had a good time in wow that they will (hopefully) never forget in their gaming journey throughout life. When you spend so much time on a single game it's hard to just forget it. Don't think you have? Do a /played in game and then let reality hit you and when it hits you then realize that the game is a bigger part of your life then you think/thought.

    Even though I have my ins and outs with the game where I get bored and leave the game for a few months and return I still enjoy my time spent on it. This community on mmo-champ has opened my eyes to many things, related and unrelated to the game. There are great people on here and even when I took breaks from the game I still viewed the forum as I just enjoyed reading the different opinions on here. To me that's what a forum is about though..opinions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vampz View Post
    inb4 "flying is a major part of the reason I have fun in wow!"
    Buy a fucking flight sim then

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