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    100kg, lol. good luck with that.
    Epeen item like nothing else.

    They should raise the gold cap,.. if they haven't already.
    They should increase the cap i'll agree there however 100k gold isn't a lot nowadays. Unless you sit in the shrine and spam trade all day. If you actually play the game you can make thousands a day no AH or farming required. With garrisons and just gold scaling up you will make a ton more in wod. I plan on having 9 Garrisons (This probably wont be normal lol) that is 18 extra professions. That is a crap ton of gold potential.

    Always those crystorm of em' 14 year old alliance kids...
    To be fair if Alliance won there would be horde complainers as well
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    Don't understand why everyone is all butthurt over 100k gold. Getting gold is easier than ever before. I mean you only have to accumulate 100k one time and it you don't have to even get it all on one toon necessarily. It's going to be a snap for me on my ally server. 11 Characters.....which means I have to get less than 10k per character...pool it all together and every character has a new mount. Chances are by the time I get done just leveling all my characters from 90 to 100 they'll all have 10k or more on them without having to do anything extra

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    100k gold, good price imo.

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    "The latest beta builds have increased the experience required to level by 30% for each level from 89 to 99." So much for that Blizzcon statement about how they want WoD leveling to feel more streamlined, and not a grind.


    "Don't understand why everyone is all butthurt over 100k gold." It's because in comparison to every other mounts available this one doesn't do jack to justify the price.

    - Current chopper can be acquired for 12-13k. - Carries 2nd passenger
    - Mammoth is 16-20k - Carries Vendor and 2 passengers
    - Yak is 100k-120k- Carries Vendor, Reforger, and 2 passengers.

    Blizz went this route with the JC mounts and the Engineering rockets this expac though. The Panthers have done alright, primarily the cheap ones though. Engineering rockets have had mediocre success, a lot of people just plain don't like them, but the price tag doesn't help.

    But even those two have something the chopper doesn't. They fly. The chopper is nothing more than a solo ground mount. 100k is overpriced. So regardless of how easy it would be to obtain 100k leveling alts, many won't buy it for legitimate reasons. If you want to go ahead, I'll be joining the former. It's just not worth the gold that I'd rather spend on something more useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by budong View Post
    Who said anything about Alliance and Horde? OH right, YOU did. I said vocal minority. Are you implying that to be [...]
    Horde. Exactly. Alliance is the silent majority, but whored clearly cheated their way in to a free mount.
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