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  • Time

    8 23.53%
  • Friends

    12 35.29%
  • Dedication

    7 20.59%
  • Self-control

    4 11.76%
  • Skill

    3 8.82%
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    What is your biggest MMO weakness?

    To be succesful in an MMO you need to meet the following expectations:

    1. Time: If you don't have the time to play you'll easily see others 'outplaying' you because they managed to gather better gear, level faster than you, get their attunement or legendary questlines done faster etc.

    2. Friends: Having a lot of friends and social interactions in an MMO usually helps you a lot in getting better raidspots and roles and might even increase the likelihood you'll even get to raid or get better loot and rewards.

    3. Dedication: A lot of MMOs put big rewards behind long timesinks. It might be sometimes as exhausting as a seemingly endless reputationgrind or just a large amount of materials that must be gathered over a long period of time to give you an edge over other people you might be competing with in the game.

    4. Self-control: Sometimes things go wrong and it really affects you and makes you angry. Can you control your anger or rage or will you quit the raidguild because you didn't get the loot you wanted?

    5. Skill: C'mon now, is anyone really going to pick this? Everyone knows you are the most skilled player in the universe.

    Which one is your biggest weakness? The one thing you just don't have enough of?
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    I don't know about skill, but I don't bother min/max beyond stat priorities (reforging and gems) and ilvl.

    I think I went through most of MoP without leg enchants.
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    Dedication. I can never dedicate myself to one character, and as such I tend to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

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    I've got plenty of it during the day, but when the evening/weekend rolls around, my time is no longer mine (belongs to my kids and spouse). It's been difficult to try to find a guild that will fit with my play time for raiding or RBGs when my time is more limited at the times when everyone else is playing.

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    Friends. They all left at the start of Cata and never came back and I haven't been doing a very good job of making new ones.

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    All, but skill, of course.
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    Finding a decent group of people that are also in need of more is a massive pain in the arse, especially on the less busy realms. They've mostly either set up their clique or are idiots/arseholes.
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    At this point I'd say it is that I...

    Okay maybe not to that extreme, but after being nagged and used I have a little trust for those around me.

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    I'll go with skill..

    My guild's stopped raiding for this expansion, and at the end I was doing way worse than I should be, even had another person of the same class as me, and I did worse than him by a long shot. So before we start raiding next expansion, I'll have to put in quite a lot of effort to get better at the game.

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    I find I can only select skill. Time, I definitely have, though I shouldn't of course. Dedication, check. Friends I do OK with, I'm easy to get along with. I'm getting up in years and I think I make more mistakes, move slower than I once did. I'm probably pretty video-game nimble for someone pushing fifty, but yah, not gonna beat an equal 20 year old.

    Self-control is interesting. Few players rage more than me when dismounted--I cannot stand it, really upsets me, like the daze mechanic. I can become livid when I'm killed outdoors, frothing at the mouth livid, particularly when I perceive it as being the game's fault (often do to the stupid population of mobs in areas designed for 20 players but of course there ends up being only one).

    But during a raid... I can count the time in seven years that I've gotten angry. Strangely, when I'm in a group I am much more mellow, a feeling of shared suffering seems to calm me down in ways I find baffling.

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    Always time. Always.

    There's just so much else to do in the world, every time I try to get into an MMO I always end up falling way behind because I just can't log the hours and my insatiable curiousity causes me to "waste" the time I am logged in doing stuff like exploring or trying other classes / specs.

    I do extremely well when I dedicate the time, but sacrificing the hours from other activities is always a serious push-pull with me.

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    I am a solo player without an active guild (with more than 3 members), and for me having to group up for some things feels absolutely tedious. Sure, I'll do it from time to time because it's necessary to progress my char - but if I had the choice, I wouldn't. At all.
    Also, I a) suck at making new friends and b) am not even interested in doing so.

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