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    add-on for Mac

    Hey everyone

    I am new to World of Warcraft and I see there is a lot to learn. So far, I have been trying to do every single quest I run into, but now I can't find any. I have been in Eastvale logging camp, Elwynn and in Goldshire, and also in Furlbrow's pumpkin farm, Westfall, but now I can't find any more quests. I have been walking around all these areas, but I have no luck. Is there any add-on for Mac that can help me find more quests. I am tired of walking around and not finding anything. Thanks.

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    maybe this addon can help you (see link below).
    Install the curse client if you dont have it yet. You can download it from the same website. It makes the installation of addons a lot easier.


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    If you run out of quests to do, try either asking players where to go, or going back to the capital city and finding the "help needed" board near the auction house in the trade district. They should guide you on to the next location.

    PS: the quests near Fullbrow's Pumpkin Farm should have put you near the detective investigating some deaths, and then guided you through the rest of the zone.

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    Hm, it's odd, because all quest hubs usually have a "breadcrumb" quest which should lead you to the next questing area. You might have missed it, or you might be too high level already for Elwynn Forest.

    In my opinion you should not be needing addons for questing, because all quests are so streamlined, that you should be lead to new areas automatically.

    If you go to Stormwind, like Slippycheeze said, you should be able to pick up a new breadcrumb quest from the Hero's Call board. I suspect your preferred questing area will be either Westfall or Duskwood.

    Tip; If you're using the standard Objective Tracker (which you should) you can sort quests by Proximity by right-clicking the title bar and selecting Proximity.

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    To add; I envy you, OP. I know I have been walking back and forth through zones like Elwynn Forest 10 years ago, not knowing where to look, and just exploring.

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