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    Reporting Bots, then being kicked offline.

    This DK BoT has been flying around for weeks (Its an Archaeology Bot) I kill em every time I see em and report em. Every time I report them tho it says "Thanks for your report" & then boom Im kicked offline. I cant just resign in, I have to exit WoW completely and resign in. Just makes me wonder if a BoT can kick me offline, what else is built into them and why am I seeing the same toons over and over again weeks and months apart after reporting them more than I should be and probably more than just me reporting them.

    Anyone else ever have this problem?
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    I used to dc when I reported several people in quick succession for anal spam but I've never heard of disconnecting after just one report. Make a bug report in-game or on the forums though.

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    Sounds like a bug. Press ESC to open menu, click Help, > Submit Bug. There ya go; should be fixed within a couple weeks.

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    This happens to me constantly.
    Between NOT being able to report people (the button disappears or report never goes through) and getting d/cd after one report, I'm getting ticked off. I've submitted various bug reports and tickets over the past year since this began. My husband has been having the same issues even without addons.

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    Same happened to me often. Just stopped caring and reporting after that, lol. Especially after the point when I submitted a ticket mentioning this error, and also listed all the 30 bots I wanted to report. As a reply I received a suggestion to use the ingame report feature instead of creating a ticket about the 30 bots.

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    My problem is not being able to. More than half the time the damn button to report isn't even there. Made a suggestion and submitted it as a bug. I just end up making a ticket if it's really bad and ignore it if it's not.

    Sometimes the button is there, I accidentally exit the little frame and when I try to report again, it's not there.
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    Back when there was a large influx of the bots that would be walking through the air on ground mounts in pandaria I found that when I went to report the character and they moved outside my range before I could submit the report it would cause me to disconnect.

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