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    Vanilla: Class mechanics
    TBC: Lore
    Wrath: Gearscore and elitists - You needed to raid to get gear but couldn't raid because you didn't have the gear because you needed to raid to get the gear....etc
    Cata: Everything
    Mists: Asian Themed. Totally doesn't fit.
    Warlords: The whole 'fucking the lore in the barnhole' thing.

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    Vanilla: Took ages to level to the cap.
    BC: Arena.
    Wrath: ToT.
    Cata: Deathwings death was disappointing.
    MoP: All the dailies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirilka View Post
    It's not a question of their knowledge, but of their arrogance and feeling of 'superiority by default'.
    Their elitism is part of their schtick. I found it amusing but to each their own.

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    TBC: Nothing really, maybe the useless voice chat

    WOTLK: Nothing really here either, Ulduar being cut a little short but any decent guild had already cleared hard modes by the time ToC came out anyway

    Cata: rehashed dungeons as a major content patch

    lolPandaland: basically the whole thing is dog shit

    WoD: lack of features, Blizz getting really lazy and just milking things at this point

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    I forgot

    Wrath: TOC just doesn't compare to the pathetic AOE fest they made dungeons. People actually complain in this very thread they had to CC in Cata. It ruined tanking, it ruined marking, it ruined communication, it ruined pulling, patrols and it created the elistist echelon of players today that dun wanna CC'z I want to AoE for big numbers crowd, or the "you newbs sucks" after one wipe.

    LFD nailed the coffin on heroic dungeon experience after with anonymity and destruction of server community.

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    Vanilla: Nothing made sense. Class mechanics. Spirit in warrior gear
    TBC: Lore
    Wotlk: Gearscore
    Cata: Hmm let me think...entire expac ?
    Mop: Pandas and Asian theme
    WoD: Class changes that nobody wants, like warriors for example.

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    World of Warcraft: As the pilot to the game, there was a lot of collecting quests, 40 man raids (this could be good and bad, depending on your take), no flight, leveling was a fucking nightmare, and class design was a little ridiculous, in some cases. What was done right was that there were attunements needed to enter high end content, and something for everyone to do, no matter what level they were. There was a lot of adventure in the game, to counter the grind that it was.

    The Burning Crusade: Addition of pvp stats like resilience. And then putting that on many pieces of gear. Lame. The storyline isn't bad, but doesn't make enough of a point of letting us all know Illidan really is a problem. I was a huge fan of 25 man raids over 40 man raids. Something about the ease of which a 25 man raid could be coordinated over a 40 man raid.... TBC did a lot of good things, but having legendaries drop off end raid bosses instead of being built was kind of lame. Should have called them something besides legendaries. But what did they do right? Shamans and pallies on both sides, the introduction of flying and jewelcrafting was also good. The content was difficult, and as such, the sunwell patch should have lasted a little longer. Many people never got to see it due to the fact that it was there and gone, just like that. Most of the armor was well designed.

    Wrath of the Lich King: The crippling of affliction warlocks at ulduar. The fact that ulduar was so short, and ToC sucked ass. The raids should have maintained a fixed difficulty, and not differentiate between 10 man and 25 man, and then offer different levels of loot. This will come into play later for why we have a stat squish coming up in WoD. They went overboard with Arthas being everywhere all the time. But what was done right? Lots of things. Profession bonuses, the addition of glyphs, consolidation of skills, 51 point talent trees, progressionary content to get you at the end game faster (maybe a little too fast), introduction to dungeon finder, Wintergrasp (the concept, not the actual mechanics of the BG), and heroic mode (double edged sword, here).

    Cataclysm: No Abyssal Maw. The dungeons at the start of Cata was too difficult compared to what they were in the last expansion. Healing stats were scaled horrifically. DS was ridiculously conceived with an easy final boss encounter, and Fuck Thrall. He has no business being in the same atmosphere as a dragon aspect. A new hero should have stepped forward there. Removal of 51 point talent trees was lame as hell. What did they do right? Expanded upon glyphs, fixed healing so it was good, made 10 and 25 man drop the same level of loot.

    Mists. Almost everything.
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    I didn't start playing on a level where I knew what I was doing until Wrath, so vanilla and BC are hypothetical on my part.

    Vanilla-- Why were so many of the specializations in the game useless in endgame? (I know the vague history-- Everquest player on the dev team hated hybrids and ensured that only pure DPS, warriors and priests were actually playable in vanilla, a mistake that took two expansions to actually fix.)
    BC-- Why are Illidan and Kael'thas suddenly evil? They weren't before. That was a waste of a perfectly good character! :<
    Wrath-- Ulduar could have been longer, and the endgame gear expectations in the ICC patch were a bit harsh (which is a player problem.) I'm one of the people who thinks LFD was good for the game and remembers the frustration of trying to get a group for the Nexus when it wasn't the daily heroic, never mind all the dungeons you could never run while leveling.
    Cata-- Tuning heroics with 5-mans taken from raiding guilds in mind, while having barely any other endgame content. Sorry, pugs, enjoy your repair bills. It was, admittedly, really fun if you were in a good group, but doing them once a day to cap valor in LFD pugs came close to killing the game for me.
    Mists-- Tuning heroics with a bunch of cats walking on keyboards in mind. Great if your entire group was subpar, but it got old fast and they didn't add any new 5-man content as the expansion progressed.

    Overall: Blizzard ALWAYS overreacts. Always. They seem to be unable to adjust in moderation, and this is frustrating.

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    What annoyed me the most in each expansion:

    Vanilla: The insane distances from graveyards to corpses. Duskwood anyone?
    TBC: Really bad followup to The Frozen Throne lorewise. Kael'Thas and Illidan both completely ruined as characters.
    Wotlk: Dungeons so ridiculously easy. TBC had awesome dungeons where you actually had to CC and plan pulls, now you just pulled everything together and aoe. Also Dalaran & Wintergrasp lag was insane.
    Cata: So bad I barely played it. Uninspired all over when it came to dungeons/raiding. I remember being annoyed at how long it took to kill mobs while leveling up 80-85 as well. The Deathwing-raid was terribly boring and poorly designed.
    MoP: Uninteresting lore. Doesn't feel like Warcraft. Mostly boring raids/dungeons.

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    Vanilla: Leveling any melee class.
    TBC: Raid attunements. Nothing beats helping guildmates attuned for raids, only to have them bail for a more progressed guild -.-
    Wrath: Gearscore... seriously...
    Cata: The length between the final raid tier till the next expansion.
    MoP: The length between the final raid tier till the next expansion.
    WoD: Nothing so far, actually pumped up for it.
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    TBC: Complete disregard of lore. TBC will always be the worst expansion for lore. Lol voice-chat too.
    Wrath: Gearscore
    Cata: Dragon Soul
    MoP: Lack of dungeons.

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    Vanilla: Class design

    TBC: Raid attunement, this xpac was not long enough considering the difficulty of raiding, Wotlk came too fast

    Wrath: Naxx, TOC

    Cata: 10 men raiding, one raid lock, then LFR

    MoP: Timeless Isle, censer, LFR,FLEX,NORMAL, HEROIC ( not enough raid mode /sarcasm), horrible grind for the legendary at the end of the xpac even with the buff ( see valor cap), introduction to a more simple talent tree, flying mount restriction even if the content is now outdated
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    Vanilla: Nothing really to complain about. It was pretty grindy, but that was to be expected at the time.
    TBC: Beginning of class homogenization. Introduction of the badge and token system, which was both good and bad.
    Wrath: Accelerated class homogenization. Loss of attunements. Introduction of the Murozond story arc. Retooled raid venues (Naxx for example). Introduction of Varian Wrynn.
    Cata: Too much unneeded zone rework, especially with the quality material available in the loose ends from Vanilla - Scythe of Elune, Under-Karazhan, Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass, Stormwind Treasury, Emerald Dream etc. Continuation of the Murozond arc. Loss of a neutral base of operations - ala Shatt or Dalaran. Very weak world pre-event.
    MoP: Garrosh as an end boss, although I like the layout of SOO. Lack of a world pre-event. Lore delivery via scenarios instead of quests.

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    Vanilla -
    Horde felt like an afterthought.
    That's really the one thing I can think of not being up to snuff.

    TBC -
    Shift the focus on questing and away from grinding.
    Flying mounts.
    PvE becoming so center-point they nerf PvP because of it.
    Flying mounts.
    Feral the first few months.
    Flying mounts.
    The transitional gap between "entry level" and further raiding. (Karazhan -> other things)
    Flying mounts.
    The Black Temple on farm mode made me quit PvE.
    And flying mounts.

    WLK -
    Let's hand everyone everything!!! The most unrewarding time ever.
    Gear Score.
    HP-hype for tanks rather than important stuff.
    Bursty one-shot pvp.
    Change in healing mentality could go here or in TBC, but more here.
    Homogenizations. Everyone should be able to do everything, and everyone should be viable.

    Cataclysm -
    Everything started out nice, but then it all got nerfed.
    Was this when they introduced Holy Power? If so, Holy Power.
    The lore was awful.
    Flying in Azeroth.

    MOP -
    Cancelling the one good thing from Cataclysm (healers caring about mana again).
    Talent revamp.
    The above made me quit playing so probably never encountered the other bad stuff.

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    Part i hate is when u have to wait for new expansion.

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    Edit: Woops, misread as patch.

    Classic: So much gating between resist gear AND attunements. One is fine, both is a bit steep. Also no Paladins on Horde!

    TBC: Jaw dropping damage ™

    WotLK: The fact they thought ToGC was fine with NO trash as a major content raid patch.

    Cata: Cata.

    Pandaland: The pace of things. Grind EVERY REP EVER at the start with dailies. Then no more dailies at all comparatively. Also patch releases were the worst they've been.
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    He's telling you upfront what's going to take. It's not ninja looting. It's pirate looting! YAARRRR!!!

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    Classic: Server stability, since OP said "part", not "content" (for content - the brutal chore that it was to raise money without playing the AH);
    TBC: Encountering the main antagonists accessible only to hardcore raiders (this is not a comment on the raid paradigm);
    WotLK: Blizzard not taking more (design) measures to make Wintergrasp less laggy (it was one of my main interests);
    Cataclysm: Streamlined questing (also, the numerous bugs from the first week which prevented the completition of some zones because of this design style);
    MoP: The overall subject (pandas, Pandaria etc.) too different from the franchise I love.

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    Vanilla - The Grind, ugh
    TBC - I was so looking forward to Illidan, but it just kinda meh
    WotLK - The fact we killed Arthus. Wish he was alive and kicking today
    Cata - The fact that 90% of the people I played with left due to most reasons others have posted on here. I didn't think the expansion was all that bad. DS was terrible but the CoT dungeons were good for catch up.
    MoP - ugh where to start, Pandas, China, that every panda seemed to be a monk. Questing. That stupid wind bridge after the 1st boss of ToT. Every bastard dying to the god dam eye beam. And worst of all, we had to fight our wonderful & proud Warchief. LONG LIVE GARROSH HELLSCREAM

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    Classic- Money farming, back then it was hard to get money unless you played the AH
    TBc- Rep grinds like netherwing.
    Wrath - its a tie between Everyone rush for server first achievement and the birth of "Link Gear score for invite"
    Cata - Dragonsoul So unimpressed with it, final 2 fights utterly snore fest. and THAT DAMN CUTSCENE god as a lore fan it makes me rage/
    MoP The rebirth of "Link gear score for invite" but this time its "Link Item level 570+ for invite"

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