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    I would like to see the Jinyu. I know they aren't necessarily from the South Seas, but I could see them taking an interest in aquatic-themed affairs. It could be because I have a slight Jinyu obsession, but hey, we all like something weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atethecat View Post
    I mean NPC races that you interact with in-game.
    Races that you just see out in the world are much more boring than things you want to be playable.

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    Crab people. /10chars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strafir View Post
    No-one has ever been able to explain the bard class to me in a way that didn't make it sound ridiculously lame. Why do some people want a cheerleader class that doesn't contribute like everyone else? What is the fascination with something like that?
    Surprisingly, many people on a message board dedicated to a fantasy role playing game do not seem to have any imagination when it comes to playable Ogres or a Bard Class.

    I think Blizzard could add to the classic concept in a way that was really cool. They wouldn't be a "cheerleader" or support class. Thank God Blizzard actually uses their imaginations.

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    I think if we have a fabled "Dark Below" Expansion, we need one aquatic race. Maybe tuskarr as a playable neutral race, released with Naga or High Elves for Alliance and Ogres(if they aren't released as playable by that point). Which, I've actually thought of a lot of fan-lore for tuskarr joining the Horde or Alliance.

    "The Naga and the other hordes of the ocean have traveled to Northrend and threaten the fate of the tuskarr by trying to melt the icecaps. The Kalu'ak must retreat and seek the aid of the Horde and Alliance to help. The Horde and Alliance, together with the tuskarr manage to fight back the naga and manage to evacuate the Kalu'ak on ships. Then you choose to go with the Horde or Alliance to aid them, as a price for seeking their assistance"

    idk, I just thought of it as an idea, I've always liked tuskarr. Also, I would want them to be skinnier, I don't mean like really skinny, but I mean, still kind of fat, but not beach ball fat. I thought of an idea that they lose some blubber, when they travel to either Orgirmmar or Stormwind. Another thing is if they were playable, I would want them to be serious. I don't want them to be goofy, I want a cinematic of a tuskarr charging at an ogre, with that weird seal roar and frickin body slam the ogre and shank him to death. I just think they have potential. I can tell you more of my idea if you're interested in my concept?

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