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    It comes down to the group. If the alliance has a premade 90% of the time they win cause alot of horde solo queue and scare easily. If you wipe horde in mid they lose moral and start fighting each other. When the alliance works together as a whole they're really hard to beat. It's not the BGs, it's all about the premades. Horde premades get shit on by alliance premades believe me im on both sides of the spectrum

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    This thread is almost convincing me to transfer all my chars off Sargeras and head back to Illidan. I really think the queue times and EMFH are the only reasons I'm still pondering it.
    Illidan /2 is the worst thing known to man.

    Go Browns

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    3 for 12 in my BG's today as Horde, got to love how "bad" Alliance are...
    Change your play times. Your win/loss ratio will drastically change depending on the time of day.
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    i hate people
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    It's a game. It's not real life nor will it ever be. If you want true recognition for being good at something, go play a sport and send us a link to a live stream of you winning the Gold at the next World Olympics. Until then, shut the f*ck up.

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    Outside ORG sending your children down the mines.
    Surprised no one has come out with the "alliance are all immature kids and horde is for grown ups" comment, anyway thats bs. But yeah horde > all. because horde.

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