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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozez View Post
    A more accurate title on the articles part would probably have been "Bad parents lock children in mobile home" or "Bad Parents sent to jail after child abuse"

    To elaborate more. If they can do this they are clearly unfit to be parents, it's stupid and disgusting behaviour from them. I pin the blame fully on them and not on WoW, WoW doesn't make you treat your kids like shit for 3 years - being an awful person does.
    This is really no different than people blaming religion for people doing horrible things, instead of blaming the horrible people that are doing them. For some reason people like to find something else to blame besides humanity itself. I also have to wonder why the father got more jail time than the mother; it must have been a feminist judge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewor View Post
    Ban mobile homes. The children wouldn't be locked anywhere if it werent for those LIARS of houses.
    How about we ban you instead....I am a Disabled US Navy vet....I own out right a Mobile mortgage just a small lot rent...but its mine...there are some of us WoW player that can only afford a Mobile Home to live in for the rest of our least I own it unlike many others dumping months and years of rent for a small dang apt. Its not the Game or the Home its person that caused this to happen.

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    That's pretty fucked up. Betting there will be some "THIS IS WHY VIDEO GAMES ARE EVIL" shit that comes out of this...

    Also, 5 years for the dad and 3 years for the mom is all they get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghazan Julio View Post
    I think reading the news is depressing.
    Thank you, gentlemen. Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can't find you, or if I forget.

    An allusion! What are you implying?

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    Clearly the solution is to ban it.

    Oh sorry, must have been channelling my Government there.

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    While gaming addiction is a problem and should be treated seriously i don't think it was the root cause for this issue. These people are terrible people, they should never have had children as they where clearly not responsible / moral enough to be parents. The gaming addiction is a symptom of that.
    There be trolls in them internets !

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    The title of this article should be: Horrible parenting lands couple in jail
    MMO-C, home of the worst community on the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    Everyone blames games, tv, and movies and not the stupidity of humanity.........just another example.
    Well I don't think you would have a problem with blaming heroin if that was their addiction and subsequent reason they neglected their kids. It's pretty obvious they were addicted to the game...stating that fact is not using the game itself as a scapegoat.

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