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    Music is one of the main things I am looking forward in WoD! Just woah...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhelyo View Post
    back in Cata when we had beta builds on mmo champ we had 3 types of fire hawks (yellow/purple/beryl).They chose to put in the game yellow and purple and they scratched beryl from their plan.
    Those days IMHO the beryl firehawk was never planned as a mount on its own. Instead, the green textured one was (and IS) put into game for another case, which ever worked since then and still is working: Mount on your Pure Firehawk just after you summoned your Disgusting Oozeling. With the de-buff you get by the pet ("Oozeling's disgusting aura") your Pure Firehawk appears green. (* unfortunately, the buff vanishes as soon as you lift into the air)
    Wondering if this will still work when the Beryl/Felflame Firehawk will be an official mount.

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    Why are you making Taunt require defensive stance? It's absurde and makes no sense...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalanos View Post
    I'm not sure how I feel about the mount name "Goblin Lawn Mower"
    Same. Hope they change it to a more plausible name.

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    Curious about the Bulwark revamp, I assume this means it will drop in a Draenor raid as well? would be kind of cool I guess.

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    So. For most things I can find an explanation and an excuse, a reason. But it's now 100% clear that the # of mount achievements are garbage.

    Really? A mount that's been useable in betas since 2011? I mean, sure it looks neat, but if I put in the dedication to get 250 of the little buggers, I should get something unique, amazing and just cool!

    NOT something we've seen for 3.5 years!

    The kite mounts were at least neat, even if they were the flight-point mount in the zone, but this just feels... lazy. And uncaring.

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