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    Windfury, Totems, and Chain Lightning are what pulled me in, but I gotta say doing the quest for the Water totem back in the day nearly drove me away lol

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    i started with mage, it was been vanilla times so when i reached lvl 60 and saw what shams and 2h WF is doing with ppls i just loved it, if you got lucky you could one shot 3 ppls in 5 sec combined with ankh made some epic come backs after ganks ;P good old times, we get slaped each expac and this looks worse off all sadly :P im not plaing for 1 year now and really dont see any reason to come back for this expac

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    I just really liked Thrall and the Far Seer in WCIII

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    Being curious about the new zone/class when bc lauchned. (Reminder: The Alliance did not have Shamans in Classic and you were not permitted to create other faction chars on pvp-servers)
    I liked the class so much, it's been my main charakter ever since.

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    Because i can drop a totem in dungeon then alt tab to do something else ! :P

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    2-handed weapon with Windfury... that a tauren wield.

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    Being able to pretend being the medic by dropping support totems and healing allies.

    I miss Stoneskin Totem

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    I actually just started playing again and always wanted an Enhancement Shaman (Had a Mage, Druid, Paladin, Rogue and Warlock at max level throughout each xpac). Finally got one to 45 recently and it is really fun. However I also know that low levels are "LOLROFL" oh every class when decked out in BoA's so looking forward to the gearing process.

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    Before Monks were a thing, Enhancement had the closest feeling to one. Lorewise there is some overlap between the two, the character Strongbo being an example.

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    When I was picking my first character I had no idea what I was doing. For some bizarre reason I really wanted to be a Draenei. I went to start my char and wanted to be a Draenei Warlock. Obviously this doesn't exist so I settled on a Draenei Shaman. And after 6 years, and still being my main, the rest is history

    Shaman til I die.

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    When I played wc3, I always thought thrall was cool, and I also knew he was a shaman. When wow came, my first toon was a hunter. I got him to like level 23 and got bored. I wasn't sure which class I wanted to make next, so I headed to youtube, and decided to watch shaman gameplay. This was a vanilla video, and the guy was an orc ele shaman. The video might still be on youtube, but anyway he was dominating in bgs. I was shocked to see how much burst he was doing with the lb and cl combo, back when cl had a cd. Ever since then my main has always been my ele shaman. Every now and then I will get bored on my shaman and play my other toons. Then I will start playing my shaman again and wonder why I ever left.

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    I've always liked the battle mage/red mage style characters. That's the vibe I got when I played the original beta, made one, and have played one since. While Enh doesn't do very much healing, it still has the mix of melee and magic that I really enjoy; hence I've played it pretty much exclusively since vanilla launch.

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    Back in Vanilla I was trying out a lot of classes. It was pretty tough to get a group back then, so when I did dungeons from level 30-55 while tanking AND healing for the 5 man I fell in love with the class.

    Since then I have been a dedicated healer, but the elemental off spec is extremely easy to transition into as needed. I really do love the fast tool set shaman have for many situations.
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