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    Trying the thread out as most of the people I play with don't play anymore. I mostly play support classes on US servers. I'm lvl 40 and looking for people to play hero league and quick match with. I would prefer you have some type of VoIP. Would also prefer you not being a 13 year old kid.

    This is my bnet Nerdage#1877 but please message me through here before sending a invite.
    I support a cash shop in WoW!

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    So Heroes has or is going to have a clan system very soon and as a member of I thought it should be known that there is a place to go where you can feel welcome, regardless of skill level. Here's some quick information. is a 7 year old mature massive multi-gaming clan. With over 1000+ active members, FeverClan is a one of the largest multi-gaming clans in existence. Our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our members and guests whether they decide to join us or not. We aren't just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such hold our members to a higher standard. We do this because we want everyone’s time at Fever to be above the rest and so we remain a top notch community.

    FeverClan has an extremely active forum with dozens of new threads per day and hundreds of new threads per month. We do not censor our members nor do we lock threads. We believe this support the community in a way that creates an active and friendly environment.

    Along with 1000+ members, fever also has a large officer staff. Our officers are friendly, non-abusive, and answer any questions members or guest alike may have. They will also help solve any issues or problems that may arise.

    3 Specific things you need to know about joining Fever.

    Must be 15 years or older.
    Must have teamspeak 3 downloaded and a working microphone.
    Must not be a flaming asshole.

    If all of that sounds dandy, check out Thanks for spending the time reading this, I'm Booyah and I'm normally around every so often.

    We're international as a closing comment here, that means NA, AUS, SEA, EU pretty much everything.
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    Hello everyone, this post is for EU players!

    Since i am playing only cooperative and i can't find to many players or any at all in general chat channel to play cooperative games together i thought of creating one myself as a meeting point.

    The basic idea is that many people will join it and whenever you come online you will surely find someone to play with.

    To join the channel you must write in chat /join coopeu1 and bam you are in!

    Ask politely if there is anyone who wanna play with you, don't forget to become b.tag friends so you can earn 50% more exp.

    Also please don't forget to advertise this channel everywhere, in other forums, tell it to your friends, etc. because the more people the merrier i always say.

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    I am looking for a team. Thinking about trying to be a bit competitive, so wanted to find some like minded people.

    The Heroes I play the most are Zagara, Arthas, and Anub'Arak. However I have played Heroes like Uther, Valla, and some others. You can find my play statistics in the link below.

    My Battle.Net ID: FDK#2373
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    Looking for people to play with.

    I enjoy playing support, mainly Tyrande.

    Btag: SeatSniffer#2694

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    ON, CA

    Mostly Co-Op as I'm casual, but wouldn't mind getting into competitive with people.
    Battletag(US): Bradski#11752
    What do you call a tsundere Wookie? Chew-b-b-baka

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    I'm looking for teammates to play with / work together in order to achieve a high lvl / high rank.
    I have extensive knowledge of various support / assassin classes (but I also have a run down on almost all the heroes that are threats) I also don't mind switching heroes if it means better synergy with better classes. (ex, Using either Illidan or Rehgar if we're missing one of them)

    I play a lot, stream a lot and I hope to win a lot with dedicated people.

    My battletag is Pabzi#1833 and I'll see you in the Nexus!

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    Hello i had my beta key last week. I've leveled up to 20 and I'm mostly playing Sylvanas (level 9) and Li Li (level 5) trying to find a 3rd hero that fits my taste atm.

    I'm from sweden and i suppose i play regular EU times. Sometimes in the morning and somedays later on the evening. Hit my up at Etapic#2214 or poke me here :-)

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    Hallo miteinander!

    Der Heroes of the Storm – Bereich der Multi-Gaming Gemeinschaft „AeveX Community“ ist auf der Suche nach Anhängern. Wir würden uns immer über mehr Unterstützung freuen, vorallem wenn interesse an einem Team besteht. Sobald genug neue Leute interesse an einem Team haben wäre es kein Problem ein neues Team zu erstellen. Aber natürlich sehen wir auch gerne Leute, die einfach zur spielen wollen und kein Interesse an einem Team haben oder einfach noch nicht gut genug sind. Wir sind eine aktive Community und spielen neben HotS auch diverse andere Spiele. Wir bieten auch eigene Server für unterschiedliche Spiele an und bieten die Möglichkeit weitere Server zur Verfügung zu stellen.

    Welche Spiele werden derzeit noch in der Community gespielt?
    - Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    - Fifa 15
    - League of Legends
    - PAYDAY 2
    - DotA 2

    Was bietet euch die Community generell?
    - Aktives TS mit guter Struktur
    - Memberbetreuer
    - Homepage, Forum, eine interne Liga- und Turnierseite
    - Derzeit einen kleinen Minecraft-Server und einen CS:GO Public Server, sowie einen War-Server

    Warum AeveX ? Was macht uns besser als andere?
    Der Grundgedanke hinter der AeveX Community ist ein Hybrid zwischen einem Clan und einer Community. Wer möchte kommt hin und wieder zum Zocken vorbei, oder es bilden sich „Squads“, welche eine Aktivitätspflicht beinhalten und dem „ernsten“ Spiel gedacht sind. Egal ob reines Training, oder Liga-, Ladder- oder Cup-Spiele + Vorbereitung. Wer nicht so viel Zeit hat, bleibt normales Community-Mitglied und spielt mit, wann er oder sie Zeit hat.

    Was erwarten wir von dir?
    - Auseinandersetzen mit den Regeln und der Struktur der Community
    - Ein Headset
    - TeamSpeak 3
    - Eine gewisse Grundaktivität sollte schon vorhanden sein
    - Mindestens 16 Jahre

    Dann registriere dich bei uns und schreibe eine Bewerbung in unserem Forum. Wir erwarten von jedem Bewerber eine Bewerbung im Forum, da die Bewerbung auch eine Vorstellung der Person gegenüber der Community ist. Ein entsprechendes Formular, mit den nötigsten Inhalten, ist im Forum enthalten.
    Für die Bewerbung oder weitere Informationen könnt ihr euch auf unsere Seite begeben:
    Für direkte Gespräche mit den Membern oder einem Management-Mitglied könnt ihr auch gerne in unserem TS vorbei schauen und entsprechende Personen anschreiben:

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    After the recently games I had with public players refusing to coordinate, or straight feeding, I turned to here to hopefully find team mates.

    I'm looking for competitive players to work with in the Nexus.

    Preferably High Plat, or Diamond Tier (Hotslogs MMR rating).

    I play Assassins primarily, however I can play any of the roles if need be.

    Top Heroes: Jaina (G), Thrall (G), Nova (G), Sylvanas, Kael'thas, Malfurion

    (G) = Gold.

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    Guild Reborn Dominion

    Reborn Dominion is a multi-gaming clan that is focused on providing a rich environment for gamers to do what we do best, game. By bringing together all of our tight knit communities that focus on specific games or genres, we are able to not only drive competition and fun activities, but also provide our members with the resources and tools through the Reborn Dominion network to enjoy their gaming experience at the highest level.

    The concept and drive in our mission statement above was driven when a large group of some of the very first members of Reborn Dominion decided it was time to start a new community. We came here as a splinter group from a previous clan that was having issues listening to membership that we couldn't accept any longer. As you can imagine, the issues that drove us to create this community are things that we take very seriously. Listening to membership, being responsive and active, and providing a healthy community for people to focus on what matters, gaming. I look forward to seeing you become a part of our great family!

    few games
    Dota 2
    league of legends
    hero of storm
    arts games

    come register over here put phonetag as your referrrer

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    Looking for friends to play on HOTS. I am not much pro, as far i win maybe two games against live players instead of bots so that's why i looking, for fun! I played long time LoL and i enjoyed it, to time when Riot started only care for $$$.

    As long i've got 21 LVL and few heroes unlocked like Jaina, Raynor, Valla or Arthas.


    I play mostly when i've got 3/3 dailies to make, but i might play more often, if someone send invites.

    Forgot to mention. EU i've play.
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    If you are Activision fan boy. Please don't talk to me.

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    Looking for players or guildes/clans with the goal of getting to 30 and 40 leagues. Battlenet: zsec#1953

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    Mostly just looking to Quick Match with people, but down for anything really as I'm fairly average lol. Bradskee#1673
    Battletag(US): Bradski#11752
    What do you call a tsundere Wookie? Chew-b-b-baka

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    Just starting out, looking for friends to play with instead of strangers.


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    Been playing since alpha, but all my friends and guildies dont seem to like moba games so I'm looking for people to play with for either QMs or hero league! Would love to do serious competitive games, but I also raid 3 days a week in WoW.

    I tend to play these heroes (in order of preference):

    Sylvanas (level 11)
    Jaina (level 10)
    Brightwings (level 10)
    Tyrande (level 10)
    Abathur (level 10)
    Then anything else for daily quests.

    SpaceDuck#2450 on EU!
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    Mostly harmless
    Hey guys. As some of you know me, I am a pretty big poster on MMO-Champion. I come to you as a member of this forum, not just some shuck who makes an account here just to look for people to join their clan. I am also a member of Chaos Vanguard. We have a pretty huge community of people for Heroes of the Storm. We have a nice(massive) teamspeak, we have a huge selection of players(NA and EU). New to the game, pro or just in in between, we have many players. Looking at our teamspeak numbers right now, we have 43 in it(not counting afks) in the NA section. We even have a few amateur teams that play in some tournaments now and then if you are willing to try out for that. Chaos Vanguard does not only focus on HotS, you can find multiple. We even have our own small tournament that groups people randomly for fun.

    Don't be afraid to try out to be a member, it is very simple. You go to this the Chaos Vanguard website and sign up. Some people will talk to you in teamspeak and just make sure you know the rules and everything. You will be labeled as a trialist, in this stage you will play with our other trialist and members. The members will(or should) vote on the thread created for you and give you a + or a -. As long as your nice and not toxic, you should do fine. Hope I see you there. :]

    Here is some more info:
    Time...line? Time isn't made out of lines. It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round. ~ Caboose

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    Heya, tenjen#2681 here. Hoping to find a good bunch of people to play HoTs with. unfortunately my current friends list and guildies arent usually on and are on less with 6.2 out. Tired of randoms and would like to build some rapport with a good group.

    I am on the EU side

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    Hello everyone

    I am a very casual player from Europe and currently i am playing hearthstone and heroes of the storm (i play only versus A.I. games so keep that in mind when you add me).

    So add me if you want to play some games together: hotless#2382

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    I am the leader of the newly formed Paragon Gaming Community. A few players and I had idea to form this community because often we see in MOBAs that it is hard to meet up with a group of people of the same skill level repetitively and learn how to play the game as a team whilst growing together.

    Heh... and I got stuck with making it all happen ( & TS3

    We have all skill levels from hotslogs 4k+ all the way down to 1500+. I think this amalgamation of players really gives YOU the opportunity to fit in a community where not too much is expected of you, you can learn, and also exceed to greater heights. But please, assess/discuss the skill level of other members before you play with them, no one will take offense if you are several enlightenments ahead of them.

    So often playing with the same IRL friends will lead to a skill plataeu and re-inforce bad habits. Ultimately, I am looking for peole that want to get better as a player, learn from their mistakes, and have a good time doing it (None of those awkward 2-3 word skype calls lasting 2-3 games).

    We will be fielding teams for ESL, GO4Hots, ESEA, and more casual tournaments so that all of our members are placed in the right squad, with the possibility to improve. We are already investigating some sponsorship opportunities, but that is honestly a mid-range goal.

    Our website is Please feel free to fill out the informational recruitment form, and begin the process to mold. We are looking to fill some spots for people that have skills to contribute interested in organizational, and ranking positions.

    Our TS is listed in the right sidebar of our site, if you are ever looking for some potential teammates.... You could always spam general looking for some 400 apm xerapwn lords as well though.

    tl;dr Tired of general? Looking to improve? Head this way.

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