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    Who deleted my post? Quit being childish here...

    Sick of the solo queue? More team orientated? DivergentGaming is for you... Both casual and competitive, we have over 140 members, 3 pro teams, 2-3 more in the works...
    Building a community of team players isn't easy. It takes dedication, time and willingness to work with the new players. We have proven we have what it takes, with 6 admins, a community manager, alongside leadership who has plenty of tournament experience.

    We have recruits, members, instructors, analysts, captains, coaches and more to help your game. We have eager to win players that focus on working together to achieve victor.. So if you are sick of yelling at players in solo queue games, and looking to take your game to the next level, check out DivergentGaming

    Our website.
    Our TS3

    Stop on by and see for yourself, we are not all talk. we walk the walk... DivergentGaming!

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    I'm currently looking for some mates to grind some MMR in QM, and also in HL.
    My MMR in HL is around 3.3k, and therefor i would like to have some players with equal MMR on my friend list, since i'm not a fan of SoloQ!

    Just so you know what you're getting yourself into, I'll explain a little bit about myself!

    My name is Jesper I'm 21 years old, and i have been playing video games for quite some years now, both FPS-/MMORPG-games on a competitive level. In CS:GO I'm at the moment on Supreme, and when i played League of Legends i were on Diamond 2 on EUW. I also played World of Warcraft both semi-hardcore raiding and hardcore PvP. I live in my own house in Denmark alone, so you wont be hearing any whine or bullshit in the background! I'm enjoying my holiday, so i can play games from i wake up, till i go to bed. But i'll start studying in August again, but i will still have time to play games obviously.
    In League of Legends i mained support, in World of Warcraft i played a healer role and in Hots i main support as well. So i'm quite familiar with the role itself. I haven't played a lot of Hero League the last couple of days, because I've been boosting a few people in QM.

    I'm planning to set up a stream in near future, where i will be playing with viewers, high MMR HL matches and hopefully Rank 1 Team League matches when i find a solid team for that.

    Now, before you go ahead and add me, i do unfortunately have some requirements.
    If you want to make a Team League or play Hero League with me, you must be at least 3k MMR in HL so i know you have some understand about the game mechanics and you know how to adapt to certain situations.
    You must be able to speak fluent English and communicate with the team even if its in QM or whatever.
    I don't want any 13 years old nerd rage because you got caught, or because you don't know how to position yourself probably.
    You must be able to play and act like a team, It's not 1 persons fault, that we lose a game or what not. If someone makes a mistake, be constructive about it.

    edit# if you're just looking for someone to have some shits and giggles with in QM, but of course still aim for victory, feel free to add me!

    If anything from above sounds interesting, my battletag is listed below, hope to see you in-game!


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    My name is JackSAFC and I am one of the Game Leaders for Heroes of the Storm.

    I am making this post to inform you about our wonderful community:

    The Chaos Vanguard

    What is "The Chaos Vanguard"?
    The Chaos Vanguard is a massive multi-gaming community which has been founded about one year ago by long term friends and people who have a dedication and passion for gaming together. It's a community that is always looking to entertain and keep a nice environment between the members. We currently have around 500+ people online each day with a total of over 4000 members registered, it has been growing significantly since we started and we're not planning on stopping any time soon. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you meet most of our members.

    What other games do we play?
    League of Legends
    Dota 2
    Counter Strike:GO
    Path of Exile
    Elder Scrolls
    And many more...

    ******** We are in the process of setting up our Overwatch section, and we will be ready on launch day. *******

    What can you expect from us?
    We offer many different things such as:
    Informative discussions on our forums pertaining to the game
    Grouping up for Bonus XP
    Daily custom games
    Coaching for those who want to up their game
    Streaming support
    In house tournaments
    Contests where members can win free Gaming gear, and more
    And the most important thing of all is for everyone to have fun!

    Are there any requirements to join?
    There are no in-game level requirements, everyone is welcome to join us! The only requirement you will need is to have Teamspeak 3 and a microphone. Also we strive to have a fun and mature environment so being 16+ is a MUST.

    Feel free to add the Game Leader of the NA section :LosT#1581

    The mods and Recruiters (NA) in game are :

    Agamemnon#1334, liquidacid#1868
    Veteranwingz#1831, Foo2rama#1954
    Gspotlol#1105, elta#1892
    EasyD#1492, Nerbelle#1913
    Bloodmero#1521, Raynes#1676
    Bandaiidz#1155, Discipulus#1613
    LordAzazel#1234, Neo#11934
    scubadave135#1785, Swifty#1571
    Drath #1914,

    and they will be glad to help you

    he mods and Recruiters (EU) in game are :

    Contact Concussive#2717, DankFrank#1804, Wyratrux#2523, Shagga#2705, Kezma#2929, MILTIC405#2626, Avis#2588, Joonsson#2285, Don Orla#2784, Suidici#2495, TitledTitan#2619
    if your EU and we will get you guys all sorted out

    Make sure when you add them you let them know why you are adding them

    I'd like to thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

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    Battletag - Chavbasher#2818

    Currently looking for a clan / team to run with in hero league / team league from the EU.

    At this present time hovering around 34-35 playing on my own with random players.

    Have TS3 / Microphone and can play most classes.

    Running well with Zagara / Muradin at the moment however can learn other required classes quickly.

    Please feel free to add me if you wish to play or recruit me to your team..

    Thank you.

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    23 year old male looking for some fun in Quick Match!
    Can play some different classes. Tired of getting matched up with AFK'ers and children...
    Need me? Add me! Dutchmen#2802

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    iiYerkes #1568
    Play daily around 4pm est
    I have team speak and will play any role needed to win.

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    High Overlord MjH's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Battletag: mjh8#1315
    Play daily. Looking for people to que up with. Would be nice to have some friends who play.
    Pretty decent with Rexxar, Brightwing, Arthas.
    I have often regretted having spoken, but never for having not. -De Commynes

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    Just started playing and looking for a team/people to play with, as solo que is very boring.
    Only level 10 at the moment as only started playing this afternoon. But shouldnt take me to long to level.

    Although my knowledge is minimal as of yet im enjoying playing Support and seem to be doing pretty well with decent T2D ratio.....
    Mainly playing Malfurion full heal build for the most part.

    Been playing WoW for coming up to 10years, and been a gamer since my early teens so im not "new" in that respect.

    So yeah Age, 25 - From Newcastle Uk
    Battle Tag - ShikaneEU#2652

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    I'm currently rank 1 in Hero league and looking for same experienced players to progress in the game. Add Nay#2518 if interested

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    Hello teem, looking for people to que up with for HL and TL. Playin daily, current rank 13. Add Fünke #1107 if you want some craycray plays.

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    Looking for people to pair/team with for HL.

    I'm currently rank 19 but keep getting stuck around rank 16 since I seem to hit a loosing streak once I get there everytime. Looking to push for rank 1 with others who want to progress in game.

    Mostly play Warrior or support roles. With Leoric, Tyreal, Tyrande been my favs.

    Can add me on bnet SeatSniffer#2694

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    LLYNCS has 3 others in it we are looking for 3 others that wish to play with us we are fun easy going and like playing hots ... We would like to play ranked and play at a competitive level eventually if anyone wants to add me on battlenet my username in HOTS is LLYNCSx1 also LLYNCSx2 and LLYNCSx3

    We Speak English

    Happy gaming.
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    Hey all! Only level 17 in HoTS at the moment but I'm looking for some talented guys to play with. I am a gold player in League of Legends and understand MOBA's very well. I am a solid player of HoTS and am looking to join up with some competent players and hopefully learn from them as well. I play well in most roles, but my bets role is probably as a support. If anyone has a clan they are recruiting for or just any individuals looking to play, my btag is WVUMadman#1426. Hit me up

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    [This post will be written in dutch since we are a Dutch community looking for new members to expand our roster and hopefully increase the amount of teamplay and possibility to play team league at different levels]


    Mijn naam in Heroes of the Storm is Cybersoul en ik maak deze thread aan voor onze community The Dutch Nightwatch die op zoek is naar meer spelers!

    Onze community

    "The Dutch Nightwatch" is opgericht in het voorjaar van 2015. We zijn een Nederlands/Belgische community die is opgericht door een aantal spelers die zich voornamelijk via Heroes of the Storm kennen en later aangevuld door andere spelers die we ontmoeten in game ofwel via forumposts bij ons terecht zijn gekomen. Als gevolg van met name de zomerperiode zijn er hoop spelers aan het begin van de zomer inactief geworden en zijn er nog maar een aantal spelers overgebleven. Wij willen er toch weer nieuw leven in blazen en hopelijk het algehele niveau en activiteit naar een hoger plan tillen.

    Doelen van TDN

    Het doel is om samen te gamen, dit kan zijn in een Quick Match ofwel Hero League ofwel Team League. Bij genoeg leden zouden we zelfs onderling potjes kunnen spelen in Custom Games. Maar bovenal is het natuurlijk belangrijk om een leuke tijd samen te hebben en toffe games te spelen! Wij zoeken dan ook spelers om ons te versterken zodat wij vaker Team League kunnen spelen en hierin te kunnen groeien en op elkaar in te spelen. Wij als groep hebben het er wel eens over gehad om mee te doen aan een Enter the Storm toernooi, maar hiervoor is er nog een hoop te doen.

    Wat zoekt TDN in nieuwe spelers?

    Wij, de community TDN zijn op zoek naar nieuwe spelers van diverse niveaus. Wij willen graag wat meer Team League spelen en hebben hiervoor simpelweg meer actieve spelers nodig. Wij hebben geen vaste speelavonden, maar er wordt op door-de-weekse-avonden door meer members gespeeld dan in het weekend. We hebben een eigen teamspeakserver en het is een kwestie van inloggen en een groep vormen.

    Wij zoeken spelers van diverse niveaus, omdat net zoals binnen iedere community ook bij ons diverse niveaus aanwezig zijn. En als er een te groot verschil is binnen een groep van 5 spelers heeft dat vaak een negatief effect op het MMR gemiddelde voor Team League en de uiteindelijk ervaring en games als gevolg. Dus wij zoeken meer Nederlanders en Belgen om gezellig met ons andere teams in de Nexus een goede partij te geven!

    Hiervoor zoeken wij spelers met ervaring. Ofwel in Heroes of the Storm of in ander MOBAs. Dus geen echte beginners maar spelers die wel al game inzicht hebben. Maar het belangrijkste is natuurlijk dat mensen tegen kritiek kunnen, en leren van hun fouten zodra hier op gewezen wordt door andere spelers. Ook kijken wij regelmatig Team League Games terug om zelfkritisch te zijn en onszelf te verbeteren. Dit is een belangrijk aspect voor alle spelers en dus ook belangrijk voor ons dat je hiervoor in bent.

    Hoe kom ik in contact met TDN, want ik ben wel geintresseerd maar heb nog vragen?

    Je kan een van de leden binnen onze community aanspreken. Voeg ons toe op battlenet Cybersoul#2614 , Artiester#2837, Cliffor#2288 of MvEvil#2590. We zullen je graag even te woord staan en vragen van je beantwoorden ofwel ingame, ofwel op teamspeak.

    Ik heb geen vragen, Ik wil gewoon joinen, hoe doe ik dat?

    Je kan ons joinen door een account te maken op onze website en jezelf hier even voor te stellen aan de andere members! Vervolgens kun je op Teamspeak inloggen en zal een van eerder genoemde leden je op teamspeak rechten geven zodat je in de channels kan en je lekker kan mengen met de andere spelers binnen onze community.

    Hopelijk tot ziens in de Nexus en binnen onze community!

    Groeten! Cybersoul, names The Dutch Nightwatch

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    Keyboard Turner Final Flash's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    The Realm
    Just looking for more friends to do some games with! Feel free to add me, Gogeta#1650

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    I'm an 24 yrs old Belgian FLEX hots gamer seeking a stable competitive team.
    I own a large heropool where I'm missing the heroes The Lost Vikings, Sonya, Rexxar, Arthas, Chen, Gazlowe, Tyrael, The Butcher,Greymane and LT. Morales.
    Sitting at +10k gold so a next hero can be bought.

    I sit at R1 at HL and R6 at TL.

    I can train 4 days in a week, Sun-Wednes from 17:30 CEST.
    I will and can make time free for tournaments and cups.

    Reached top 32 in the summer qualifier EU and second place with Go4Heroes at 7/01/16.

    Add Pekzeh on skype or PekkR#2919.

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    Epic! Forgottenone's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Raven Hill, Duskwood
    Name: Chris
    Level as of post:26
    Heroes I own:Arthas, Diablo, E.T.C., Leoric, Li li, Raynor, Thrall, Tychus, Tyrael, Azmodan, Cho, Gall, Illidan, Kael'thas, Kerrigan, Malfurion, Stitches, Butcher, Valla.

    About Me: I recently got back into Heroes just over a week ago. I played during alpha, beta, and shortly after release before stopping. I am have mainly played World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and League of Legends which I placed gold by just doing a ranked game once a week. I am looking to reach level 40 in HotS and play it more competitively than I currently am. I enjoy doing AI matches because I can mess around and not feel bad about failing or suddenly having to go afk, with that said I am looking to play with some people in PVP matches but in a setting where it is just for fun and not full blown serious.

    So if you want to just play around and have some competitive fun without getting stressed then I am your guy. Simply add me ^_^

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    LuX Gamers is actively seeking gamers and gaming leaders across all platforms! We are an established community with over 10+ years of extensive organizational leadership experience. Our top focus is rapidly growing our gaming divisions and expansions and we would love you to be part of it! Gamers of all experience level are welcome and encouraged to become Recruiters! We provide a state of the art website and voice/gaming servers! If you are looking to game with great people, have experience leading a team, or are simply interested in learning more about us please go to or visit us on TeamSpeak at
    Feel free to add me to BattleNet Shuyins#1857.

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    <The Marauders> is an international multi-gaming clan devoted to ensuring that every member has the friends, the skills, and the opportunities to succeed and have fun in Heroes of the Storm!

    First-time player? Casual enthusiast? Hardcore veteran? No matter your experience or skill level, you’ll find a home in <The Marauders>!

    What we can offer you:

    • An enormous base of friendly, mature, and dedicated members ready to form QM and HL groups at all times of the day and night
    • Resources for forming serious (or casual) TL groups with clanmates
    • A fantastic Coaching Division eager to help you acquire, practice, and perfect the skills needed to succeed at any level of play
    • Friendly and approachable officers dedicated to keeping your gaming experience fun and comfortable
    • An active Teamspeak3 server for voice communication
    • An in-game chat channel for finding and filling groups

    What you need to join:

    • 16 years of age, or older
    • A working headset and microphone (no echoing speakers!)
    • A good attitude! Rage and elitism have no place here.

    If you’re looking for an adult gaming clan that specifically aims at not only having fun but actually winning games, we’re the one-stop shop!

    Have we convinced you? Then don’t hesitate to submit an application today at (tell them that Wraith referred you!)

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    Are you tired of playing by yourself? Want to play with equal minded people? Are you looking for a 5 man team? Some casuals, or just some people to play through a few games with after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming!

    We host tournaments, Daily in-house games and Free Mentoring for all of our members.

    *About our Hots Section*

    We have been active in the Heroes of the storm community since early technical alpha, and from humble beginnings, have grown to have more than 150 active people playing with us every day, all making use of our unlimited Teamspeak server. We have all sorts of players from the inexperienced moba player, to thoose who switched from other mobas. Solo players, and teams!


    * Be 16 or older Have
    * Teamspeak and working microphone
    * Be respectful of other individuals

    *How do I join?*

    * Jump over to up
    * Log in Press The Heroes of the storm icon and submit ur application
    * Join our teamspeak @

    In-houses are at the heart of any great community, and at Konvict we are simply the best. Inhouse games are custom games made up entirely of Konvict members, that’s 100% more Konvict members than you’ll find in any other game mode! Game modes vary, but the core concept is escaping the salt of solo queue and having fun with your clan mates! It’s a banter fuelled fun experience for everyone involved

    We offer free mentoring and coaching from our higher ranked players who want to teach the arcane mysteries of Hots to those looking to improve upon every aspect of their game. Our mentors focus on teaching essential skills like: Decision-making, How to close out games, and how to keep a level head. Some of our mentors even have experiences mentoring high level teams!

    We also support people having, and wanting to create teams. They are given their own rooms where they can be undisturbed to practice. We support teams of all ranks and intentions. Want to go pro? Or just make some serious games with your friends? Not a problem. We also set up scrims with other KG teams and teams from other communities!

    We were the founders of the Community V Community events. We started the ball, others made cheap copies. All our Community V Community games are streamed and shoutcasted. And we have them set up bi-weekly. Join in on the fun. Represent KG in the most glorious way!

    * The Community and its history*

    Konvict gaming is a multi-gaming community with over 2,500 active gamers, spread over major titles such as: Heroes of the strom, League of legends, Cs:GO, Final fantasy and more!
    Konvict gaming was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the biggest communities in Europe.

    *What are our aims as a community?*

    As a community we believe in creating a place where everyone feels like they belong. A place both the casual and the hardcore can play together and still feel like they are welcome, because they are! We are already one of the largest communities in Europe, but we aren’t going to stop there, we aim to become one of the biggest communities in the world. So everyone is welcome to join no matter what nationality. We only have a few requirements as to join!

    But Konvict is more than just a place for Heroes of the storm we have other sections such as:

    *League of legends*
    *Diablo 3*
    *DOTA 2 *
    *Plus many more ..

    Simple as that, so get over to the site now!

    Post below if you have any questions, about the game or about the community, we are always happy to help and want to have an open discussion with people who would like to join in on the fun.

    See you on the battlefield!

    // Konvict gaming and the Hots team

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