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    A work buddy and I are looking for 3 more consistent players for QM/TL matches on NA server. We usually play daily from around 8:30pm-11pm CST. Current MMR is around 2200. We are looking for players who want to have fun, but also want to win. Players who have an understanding of map presence, when to team fight or when to disengage, when to push objectives, or when to split. We aren't trying to push for rating for HL or anything, but would like to get better setups of teams with consistent players we know. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to help as well.

    Add Vdark#1789 and just let me know. Would love to see what we could do.

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    Hey all, I'm looking for more HOTS players for QM/UR or TL. Non-toxic and friendly. Discord - Baum#4959 and Bnet is BaumDeezy#1953. Also join my Discord if you like HOTS or other games

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    LF2M for team TBD Need tank and Flex/Solo laner

    Team TBD will be competing in amateur tournaments and potentially in the open bracket for HGC. All players are currently in Master League for Hero League and are active. It is highly recommended those trialing are master league in hero league as well, exceptions will be considered but will be rare.

    Expectations of those on the team is that they are active on a individual level and team level, meaning that they are practicing with the team when possible and hero leaguing otherwise.

    add Aerothena#1905 to trial

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    Hello all you wonderful players out there if you find yourself solo queing for games then come stop on by and join in on the fun..

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    Team DYK (DoYouKno) is looking for a solo laner or support player for our team. We play regularly and are looking with someone who can put ~8-10 hours in a week of just TL/Scrims, we currently are in Nexus Gaming Series and you would be competing with us in it. If you are interested in trying out for either of the positions listed please DM me on discord Aero#9375 We require Diamond or higher in HL with 150 games played this season.

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    Come one come all and join us for feverclan game night we hold deferent games every day and we welcome everyone to join.

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    I'm looking for some TL/unranked plays mainly for leveling. add balmung#11799

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