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    A work buddy and I are looking for 3 more consistent players for QM/TL matches on NA server. We usually play daily from around 8:30pm-11pm CST. Current MMR is around 2200. We are looking for players who want to have fun, but also want to win. Players who have an understanding of map presence, when to team fight or when to disengage, when to push objectives, or when to split. We aren't trying to push for rating for HL or anything, but would like to get better setups of teams with consistent players we know. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to help as well.

    Add Vdark#1789 and just let me know. Would love to see what we could do.

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    Hey all, I'm looking for more HOTS players for QM/UR or TL. Non-toxic and friendly. Discord - Baum#4959 and Bnet is BaumDeezy#1953. Also join my Discord if you like HOTS or other games

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    LF2M for team TBD Need tank and Flex/Solo laner

    Team TBD will be competing in amateur tournaments and potentially in the open bracket for HGC. All players are currently in Master League for Hero League and are active. It is highly recommended those trialing are master league in hero league as well, exceptions will be considered but will be rare.

    Expectations of those on the team is that they are active on a individual level and team level, meaning that they are practicing with the team when possible and hero leaguing otherwise.

    add Aerothena#1905 to trial

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    Hello all you wonderful players out there if you find yourself solo queing for games then come stop on by and join in on the fun..

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    Team DYK (DoYouKno) is looking for a solo laner or support player for our team. We play regularly and are looking with someone who can put ~8-10 hours in a week of just TL/Scrims, we currently are in Nexus Gaming Series and you would be competing with us in it. If you are interested in trying out for either of the positions listed please DM me on discord Aero#9375 We require Diamond or higher in HL with 150 games played this season.

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    Come one come all and join us for feverclan game night we hold deferent games every day and we welcome everyone to join.

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    I'm looking for some TL/unranked plays mainly for leveling. add balmung#11799

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    Active Heroes Community Looking For More [NA/EU]

    Hi All!

    Did you ever want to find a community where every member is active, has a friendly player base and has options within for competitive or casual players? Well if you answered yes for any of the questions then you found the right place, ​TAW.

    We are TAW, a teamspeak based, close-knit community spanning a variety of games that uses a military theme. TAW is an organized group that is always looking for friendly new faces who want to find like minded individuals to get together and have fun/get better. TAW prides ourselves on having a fully active community that enjoys and wants to play together.

    Two times during the week we host events. These events gather all players, that can make it into our channel to play games together. These events last a minimum of one hour and can be anything from casual quick match, unranked, customs games (Gods Among Us or in-house tournaments for example) to competitive team league. In other words, no matter what you enjoy there will be something and someone for you.

    On top of the events, TAW also helps put together fireteams (a fancy word for competitive team that plays together to achieve a common goal) and has higher ranked players open to hosting training sessions by playing with and going over replays with those looking to improve.

    TAW also had and has future plans for tournaments of all ranks. We ran a very successful, professional tournament named the TAW Open, we ran and will pick up again monthly tournaments NA vs EU and will
    run other prize pool tournaments in the future.

    If this is something that interests you feel free to contact an officer on at Metball11#1106, Tyro#11372, SmittyWerben#11156

    We can't wait to meet and play with you, see you in the nexus!

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    Hello guys,

    I am looking to build a serious team of old players for teamleague, and potentially with competitive challenges.
    Old players means 35+ yo ppl, which are not represented on the scene, but I am sure there are plenty of them.
    Pls pm me, and see you in the nexus

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    hate playing solo well look no more and come join us at

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    Looking for people to complete the 6 matches needed for 3rd part of the Echoes of Alterac Quest line
    BT: GroovyGhoul#1956

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    Looking for Players to team up for AV Quest (still 10 days left).


    Mostly Play versus A.I or some Quick Match
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    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this post!

    Who we are

    Fever Clan is a multi-gaming clan for casual and competitive players alike. We strive to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all of our members. Games played within Fever Clan include Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Warframe, Starcraft 2, CSGO, Guild Wars 2, to name a few. Within Fever Clan, there's a community built for almost every popular PC game out there so you're very likely to find likeminded individuals to play whatever you want, whenever you want. Additionally, most of those games host dedicated game nights on a regular basis, which are a great way to meet new people.

    What we're looking for

    We are looking for more friendly, active players to fill our ranks! No skill requirement - we have players from Bronze to Diamond, and even ones that don't play ranked at all. We have organized game nights, which range from fun custom games like custom ARAM (2v2, 3v3 or 5v5), whatever the weekly brawl could be, or simply 5 man QM/UR/TL. It depends on the mood and the amount of people who show up.

    How to join

    Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 18 years old (though exceptions can be made). You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing a short interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about!

    Register here:
    Submit application:
    Interviews: Conducted on our Discord
    Discord -

    If you have any questions, you can find me on Discord at shiny#5088

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