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    Cool New Hero Classes Needed? - Tauren Chieftan

    The last hero class World of Warcraft ever got was the Death Knight in Wrath of The Lich King. If you have played Warcraft 3 you pretty much know what a hero class would be. I think its about time World of Warcraft got an update on Hero classes. These are just a few of my suggestions and thoughts on what they would be and how they would start out, starter zone wise. So lets do this.

    Tauren Chieftain -The Tauren chieftains are large elder Tauren warriors that lead their Tribes in daily life as well as in battle. Ceremoniously decked with the ancient totems of their Tribes, Chiefs uphold the honor and simplicity of Tauren culture. When roused by battle, the gigantic Chiefs employ enormous warblades which are capable of tearing through solid trees with one mighty swipe.
    As a Tauren chieftan you'd be able to choose where you want to start kalimdor, Pandaria, or Northrend, with each place having its own personal bonuses.
    Kalimdor - you start off as a wondering tribe looking for a place to settle. Your people are being constantly harrased by quilboar and centaur. Even some rogue taurens have decided to attempt at raiding your people. But your people are and you are stronger and tougher. You can deal a ton of damage and soak up a ton of damage. You are an old bull who's wisdom leads your people down to the safest paths and gives your people the best options of defense. You find a spot in Mulgore unoccupied by anyone else and teaming with life and forestation. Your people set up camp and begin building a small village .Your village takes time to build so you take it upon yourself to gather meat from the surrounding wildlife. You gather enough meat and even locate some pure water your people can drink from, but night elves have also been discovered within the shadows. Your old eyes allow you to see them even if they are cloaked and you quickly warn your people and your village before it is to late and you decide to move them to the lake. Once warned defenses are quickly put up and your warriors stand guard while your druids scout the area cloaked in there feline forms. The night elves are swiftly taken prisoner by your druids, no screams were heard and no struggles had happened, you question and get nothing from them except that the lake is blessed and purified by the night elven priestess. You let them go without a struggle and tell them to leave your people in peace if they decide to drink from the lake. They run off quickly and your people continue their duties as normal. Later on one of your people discover a battle between two different tribes nearby and has recognized that a few of them are wearing the horde tabards. your scout tells you the horde tauren are being slaughtered so you send one of your champions to turn the tides. Mean while the night elves have surrounded your little village and prepare to attack. your champion has brought back a few tauren braves and the rest retreated to thunderbluff, your village scout have spotted night elf arches aiming at your base and arrows descend upon your village. Your people take cover but sentinels rush in and begin to attack your warriors. As the battle intensifies your people are holding their own but slowly being killed, cut down and shot down, you notice the arrows have stopped and see Baine Bloodhoof himself charging in with a small army of tauren and they turn the tides of battle. The priestess joins the in as well and gives her night elves a serious boost but she to soon falls and in her dying breath she calls out the name of Illidan Stormrage. You and baine come to conclusion these might be crazedor rogue night lves and decide to investigate later. Baine offers you and your tribe an invitation into the horde and you agree gratefully.

    The Kalimdor Tauren recieve a buff - Strength of the Earth mother, you now have an increase in stamina and shield will randomly pop while in combat absorbing tons of damage and even healing you for 50% of that damage. you attacks also hit 50% harder.

    Pandaria- You are a yaungol chieftain. Your people, your tribe, is going extinct due to your old, weak and cowardly chieftain, who happens to be your father. He has grown more and more fearful and has resorted to retreating and leaving the weak behind instead of fighting off invaders. Its your job as his son/daughter you have grown tired of his weakness and running, tired of leaving the weak behind. You decide to run off with a small group of the healthiest yaungol you could find and gather food, herbs,and fresh water for your dying people. On your way you battle through mantidf and shado pan ambushes alike until you find a surrounded sun walker dezco. You dont know what he's doing there but he asks for your help and in doing so you gain a powerful ally. Who helps you in healing and aiding your people. Once done you and Dezco decide it is time to leave, but you have one last thing to do first. It is now time for you to challenge your father to a duel for leadership of your people. this is a 1v1 fight with yaungol on every side cheering for both of you. Once you win and your father is dead, you take his axe set it on fire and raise it high in the air giving out a loud and powerful battle cry that inspire your whole tribe and dezco himself and gives you all a speed boost. Your troubles are not yet over, the mantid have began buzzing in and now you all must evacuate quickly. Your people now rush out with Dezco in front leading them to his well manned camp and you in the back defending your people with your strongest warrior at your side. Once at the camp Dezco set up a meeting with Baine Blood hoof, once he arrives you and he discuss your people joining the horde under the command of the high chieftain.

    Your shaman gives you the Blessing of Ordos -n a permanent fire enchantment that set your weapon ablaze and gives you a permanent fire damage bonus.

    Northrend- The Taunka, you are leading a small tribe stationed in Northrend with the remaining horde expedition. You are watching and scouting to see if there are any signs of Scourge activity and any hostile alliance activity. The fall of Garrosh hellscream has left your defenses a little thinned , nearly every orc was called away and its up to you, your tribe and those few orcs who stay to aid you, to defend your base camp. A small army of undead scourge have been spotted heading towards the base camp. It is your duty now to defend this base camp, you order your top 2 lieutenants and the highest Orc in command of the remaining orcs, to fortify the defenses, re-arm the cannons and hold off the approaching scourge. While this is happening you see who is leading this assault go after him yourself, alone you slice through any scourge in your way then charge straight toward the Orc death knight commanding this force. During the battle you get ambushed by a couple of abomonations once this orc hits 30% health. You are forced to retreat and fall back to your forces who are slowly dying off. The outpost is dying off and you order a full scale retreat, your forces recover as many supplies as they can and run to a nearby small friendly taunka village in which you and your people take refuge in. You send one of your taunka couriers for a zeppelin to meet you at a nearby high destination there you and your people wait. You send units together in small packs to gather some resources to aid the taunka vllage you are staying for a while, you are smart so you order them to stay close to the village. A horn is sounded and an even larger force of undead has followed you to the Village. Your people and the taunka defenders stand ready and tall to defend the village but instead you are interrupted by a barrage of rockets. That destroy the undead forces. You and all around you give a mighty roar and cheer as you all can see the zepplin piloted by a goblin crew with your courier holding a large rocket even large for Taunka tauren. You, your crew, and the villagers along side their chieftan who no longer feel safe knowing that someone out there has enough influence and power to send a large army that would destroy their village, now all board the zepplin taking all they could carry with them and fly towards thunderbluff. You catch a glimps of the orc bellow as you fly overhead of him, he is accompanied by a small group of necromancers, and he gives a maniacal cackle and a wave. You sense you will see him again but for now you let it go, and head to thunderbluff.

    The taunka chieftains recieve a buff - Storm of Northrend, your attacks now have the ability to slow down your enemies,surround the main focused enemy with a small blizzard that spreads to other surrounding enemies and has the potential to freeze your enemy in solid ice.

    the chieftain would be 2 handed hero classes that gain the large two totems on their back as cape . i really didnt know where to put this lol forgive me. tell me what ya think about it though. any suggestions?

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    So what races would my Alliance Tauren Chieftain get to choose from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khime View Post
    So what races would my Alliance Tauren Chieftain get to choose from?
    Depending on how it's implemented we could get Dwarven mountain kings

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    Or.. just play a warrior?

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    So basicly the Tauren Chieftain combines the best of the warrior and the shaman class? Do we remove those two from the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chitika View Post
    So basicly the Tauren Chieftain combines the best of the warrior and the shaman class? Do we remove those two from the game?
    Yeah! Just like we removed Warriors and Warlocks when DKs came about!

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    Why do you think a new hero class is needed ?

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    I know this is just an idea but you'd better work on balancing those location bonuses because Kalimdor's sounds way too strong.

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    Elite Tauren chieftain = bard

    I have a post on my concepts for bards already. They sing (heal), dance (melee), and use a puppet (pet ranged dps).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sageofthe10paths View Post
    Elite Tauren chieftain = bard

    I have a post on my concepts for bards already. They sing (heal), dance (melee), and use a puppet (pet ranged dps).
    Tauren Chieftain is a different thing than the band Elite Tauren Chieftains. They called themselves that because of the Tauren Chieftain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sageofthe10paths View Post
    Elite Tauren chieftain = bard

    I have a post on my concepts for bards already. They sing (heal), dance (melee), and use a puppet (pet ranged dps).
    More like sing (heal), smash over head with guitar (melee), play mad solos (ranged dps)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zolok2.0 View Post
    Yeah! Just like we removed Warriors and Warlocks when DKs came about!
    Do DKs wield shields? Do they use demon magic?
    So which melee class does mainly spelldamage again?
    The Chieftain is literally a Warrior with Shaman weapon entchants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chitika View Post
    So which melee class does mainly spelldamage again?
    Ooo, ooo I know this one! Enhancement Shamans! Oh wait... you said that. Carry on.
    Blizzard has forgone the route of taking risks with their stories and has decided that
    pandering to the rebellious pre-teen mindset is a safer bet. Thanks Metzen.

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    I think Blizz will not add new a heroic class
    Last edited by Viikkis; 2014-08-08 at 09:32 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khime View Post
    So what races would my Alliance Tauren Chieftain get to choose from?
    gnome in a cow man mecha suit. I thought that was obvious from his post.

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    ok Gnome Tauren Cheftain would be my 1st alliance main.

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    I wish they could just broaden the spectrum of class/race combos. Like what they're planning with bringing back Relics for each class as visual indicators, they could give special visuals or even fun little abilities (non-racials) that make race/class combos a bit more interesting.

    Orc Warriors get Blademasters, so they could get a banner on their backs. Tauren Chieftains get the giant totems. Dwarf Mountain Kings could get a giant skull on their back, like in Warcraft 3.

    This could be extended to special animations for certain spells too, just to break it up. Sorta like a minor glyph specifically for race/class combos. They could even open up weapon transmogs, so Tauren can finally get to use Totems and Night Elves use Warglaives.

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    No, we need Goblin alchemist or Pandaren brewmaster... 0/10 would not read again.

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    Also, isn't the chieftan just like the leader of the village? Can we get a Human Mayor class too? With cool abilities such as managing paperwork, taxes and sitting at the town hall. The better you can balance the budget, the higher DPS you do!

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    Honestly, if bliz made this class. I would rather they make it a subclass for Warriors. Actually, they should just make subclass's for the game already lol. Oh yeah, and give me 2handed shaman play that is legit. Would love that.

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