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    EPIC CINEMATIC ! I also enjoy Lord of War

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    EPIC CINEMATIC ! Maybe better than Cata cinematic. I also enjoyed Lord of War

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    I prefer the Nicolas Cage version of Lord of War! Humans >orcs

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    Quote Originally Posted by manswtor View Post
    With this comment I'm certain some people are born to be thick. Out of all the things you called it short when it is the longest one ever.
    Edited it to include what was in my head but missed due to typing too fast. Hope that helps you out.

    Feel bigger and better about yourself after insulting a stranger do you?
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    I'm excited for the expansion to come out but, the cinematic itself was really weak and for people not versed in the lore, it doesn't draw them in as much. I had to rewatch it a few times to finally understand everything going on in it. How do they expect to interest new customers with a story being presented smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Cata and MoP might've been complete blow out expansions but, their cinematics drew me in and made me excited for the new expansion and really got you pumped. This one? Not so much. Probably because I'm disappointed at the November release.

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    Loved the cinematic... deja-vu when Mannoroth died, for a second I thought Grom was actually going to stand there and take it like before

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    I enjoyed the Cinematic, and the trailer. I've not been in Beta but I hear varying things from friends who are in it and like it. I think games like this are subjective and not objective. So I always wonder why some of the folks who hate the game still comment on it? I think it is like a friend who breaks up with his ex, and you mention something about your current partner and suddenly he/she rants on and on about the bitch/bastard he/she just dated. I know folks like to vent their anger but if someone else has joy does trying to remove it bring folks happiness? If you dislike the game, unsub, it makes no sense to do something you don't like. If you enjoy the game, keep playing but respect those who left for their own reasons. I don't feel it is just the WoW player base that does this, but all gamers seem to have a need to do this behavior and it baffles me. I hope if you are in the game and having fun then that is the purpose, it is a game after all, and if you are not then you should find what makes you happy, not gripe about what you hate. My only real reason the cinematic wasn't a 10/10 but a 7/10 is the voice over narration seems to fit the style better for an opening cinematic, the actually conversation made it feel more like a movie which stole some of it's thunder. Before I post this I just want to add a plea to folks to stop being so vitriolic. I'm like to get bashed for it but I can only hope perhaps people will change, even if they don't.

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    A great cinematic, but I just cant get myself to like the general idea of this expansion. This whole "what would have happened" time traveling stuff is just too much.

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    in 2-3 years blizzard realised their mistake in forcing the orc theme in wod..

    but common, what the hell is this? a new expansion trailer from a 10 year old game that shows only fucking boring orcs?

    that is the beginning from the end.. that is the ultimative slap in the face for all alliance players!

    this would NOT help wow in terms of holding sub numbers.. this foresight you every 9 year old child..
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    Great cinematic, the story is kind of predictable, but just how they are trying to highlight the characters of lore early on is at least trying.

    The parts I feel bad about; no alliance, I play alliance as well as horde, maybe even Velen being decapitated and then we do a raid to find out why, that would be interesting.

    I just saw a lot of orcs winning battles, and that has been WoW for the last x(*x) years. I am not going to 'quit' or anything but it would have been cool to see the alliance do something. Orcs are interesting, but if you had orc flavored ice cream for the last x(*x) years, you might want to try a new flavor.

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    who is that in the background of the cinematic at 00:50?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    I thought Gul'dan was supposed to be bad-ass? The cinematic makes him look like a pussy.
    He wasn't really. He sold out his old master for power, lied, tricked and manipulated his way into ruling the Horde in the shadows, and whenever confronted, wilted and bowed until he had his chance to run away. He was a good warlock, and certainly cunning, but I wouldn't really call him a bad-ass.

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