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  • Vanilla

    48 9.84%
  • Burning Crusade

    27 5.53%
  • Wrath of the lich king

    216 44.26%
  • Cataclysm

    27 5.53%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    21 4.30%
  • Warlords of draenor

    149 30.53%
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    Warlords > Wrath > Cata > TBC > Vanilla > MoP

    Lich King is my favorite character in the series but I like Grom a lot as well, the thing that really got me and got anyone who likes Grom is when Garrosh dives and saves him from the explosion. It was one of those moment that was you watch you briefly in your head had that flashback of him dying and as you watch it happen again it changes at the last second. What they did there and how they did the music and Garrosh saying "Times change" just made me excited as hell.

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    Wod!!! \o/ hallelujah

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    WoD. Don't see what there is to like about WOTLK one, honestly. Don't get me wrong, Arthas was my favorite Warcraft character but the cinematic was meh compared to WoD one imo.

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    WoD and WoTLK are tied for my two favorite cinematics.

    MoP comes in at 3rd for comedy.

    TBC - Illidan's famous line and Vindicator Maarad using the Libram equals awesome.


    Cataclysm - Didn't feel it when I first saw it back then, still don't today.

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    WoD > WotLK > BC > Vanilla > Cata > MoP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodylotion View Post
    Weird how so many people vote wotlk.
    All he does is stick a sword in ice and a dragon comes out and flies away. The end.

    I don't get how it's nr 1 x_X

    Classic WoW cinematic is nr 1 for me, it shows a lot of what WoW is about generally, I just like seeing all the races and love the music and voice in it.
    This post would be like saying:

    "I don't see why Citizen Kane was so critically acclaimed it didn't have as many colours as Ninja Turtles 3. Ninja Turtles 3 had way more going on so it was way better."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gheld View Post
    This post would be like saying:

    "I don't see why Citizen Kane was so critically acclaimed it didn't have as many colours as Ninja Turtles 3. Ninja Turtles 3 had way more going on so it was way better."
    But seriously it was. He stands in the snow, sticks sword in the ground, dragon comes out and flys over. It has the least of everything out of all the cinematics. I seriously don't understand it.

    WoD has more lore, TBC had a better ending, Vanilla was more authentic warcraft, cata has more coolness (big ass dragon being created, flying over the world, pledging to destroy everything), tbc/wod had more action. It baffles me what people like about wotlk's intro.
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    WoTLK >>>>>> all

    Watching Arthas frozen and listening to King Menethil speak with that music in the back ground still send chills down my spine. I like the WoD one abit but i think everyone just likes it because its "New". But Wotlk's I think gave you a better feeling of epic-ness. I still can't get that music out of my head from WoTLK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    Wrath of the Lich King captured a somber, ominous tone that the other trailers haven't really come close to.
    I thought it was boring in comparison with the rest if them. Arthas on his throne, Arthas walking, Arthas stopping and raising a frostwyrm, Arthas looking out over the Scourge army. I think people are voting for WOTLK's cinematic on the basis of how well they liked the expansion rather than just the content of the cinematic.

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    I love the vanilla and cata ones, but... man, this new one is amazing.

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    Wrath/WoD tied, then Mists > BC > Vanilla > Cata.
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    Wrath > WoD > TBC > Cata > Vanilla >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MoP

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