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    Skyshards & Black Prince Guo-Lai reputation

    Guo-Lai is a great place to get Skyshards and Black Prince reputation. Even a great way to earn gold. I did it on my hunter to get Alani. But, I now have a new druid at 90 I don't plan on playing much, but I'd love to finish off her Scribe Techniques. I am on a very low populated server. So, Guo-Lai is pretty much abandoned for most of the day and night.

    Is anyone farming for Skyshards, would be willing to let me leech the Black Prince reputation from the kills + the techniques? I won't loot anything but techniques.
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    Hi! I play a hunter. .

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    As a reminder to posters, we don't allow people to sell in-game services here, whether for gold or money.

    The OP is just looking for someone to group with for rep.
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    OOh thx... didnt know that...!

    Askir good luck!
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